What is Nowescape?

Nowescape is an escape room booking website, which saves players time while they are researching and booking an escape room and boost escape rooms sales. To try our service check out our London escape rooms

Nowescape Blog is the only escape room blog fully dedicated to the escape room owners/startups/managers. We don’t publish often (about once a month), but when we do, we’d like to go and explore the subject from all angles. Here are some of our most popular articles:

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100 More Great Escape Room Puzzle Ideas
Escape Room Blueprint – DIY Escape Room
How to Open Your Own Escape Room: A Simple 22-step Guide
Escape Room Design Guru Reveals 13 Secrets


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Our stats

Blog gets about 50k pageviews per month.

Our top countries are:

USA (50%)
UK (10%)
Canada (8%)

How to advertise?

Often we get the same question – how can we advertise our product/service on your blog? So I’ve decided to explain it all here. There are really only two ways you can advertise:

Google Ads

Google ads is generally the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to advertise on this blog. Set up your display campaign, and then use managed placements and add nowescape.com.

Guest article

We do a limited amount of guest articles. If you want to submit a guest article, here are our general rules:

1. You would propose a set of topics, and we get to decide which one we go forward with. It can’t be about your business unless there is something unique you have (most expensive escape room, first escape room, biggest chain, etc). The topic has to be interesting to escape room owners and to-be owners. Content should be interesting and contain fresh ideas.
2. You would produce the content according to the following guidelines: Minimum of 2000 words, minimum of 5 original images. Short sentences, many headlines, paragraphs of a maximum of 3 sentences each.
3. At the end of the article, you can add 1 paragraph “About the Author” section where you can describe your business.
4. Our editor edits the text, and you get to see it before it gets published. The article will get published on our blog, with a follow link to your website.
5. You can place the summary on your blog or website with a link to the full article, but you can’t place the full article.

Our Team

Fred – content and anything else and Kristin – our editor To contact us email [email protected]