Escape room unit economics

We don’t know how exactly the world around us will change but we do know that it will. The business environment around us will change, and we will have to…

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What are our top picks for escape rooms in London?

London has become one of the top places to explore escape rooms and while it is great to have so many options across different price points and themes it can sometimes get overwhelming when you have too many options to choose from. We’ve considered a couple of factors in this article to help you figure out which escape room would best suit your taste. The most important factors to consider are what type of adventure suit you the best, who are you going with and what’s your price range. Across all these three metrics you will come across hundreds of options designed for specific groups on the escape room London scene. Here’s we’ve combined the best options based on the number of people going, the price point and the style of the said escape room.


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Is an escape room a great idea for a date?

Escape rooms have become the public’s favourite pastime and for a good reason. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an entertainment service that combines the risky, intriguing plotlines with the excitement of doing it in real life yourself instead of enjoying it through the screen. The unique blend of this characteristic is what made escape rooms into a global phenomenon that they are today and they will likely stick around for much longer improving upon current setups, storylines, and adventures. They have become accessible in many countries and are currently one of the most popular activities among younger people.


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Should you spend Valentine’s Day in escape rooms?

Valentine’s day is coming up and everyone is looking for a creative way to spend the day with their significant other. Most people usually want to do something that they wouldn’t go for any other day, something to take them out of the routine. Today the options for different adventures and exciting activities are plentiful but they’re usually not everyone’s cup of tea. 


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