Are you inspired by the idea of opening your own escape room?

Well, you’re not alone.

The escape room industry is booming, and there are still innovations to be discovered and uninitiated puzzle lovers to convert!

Maybe starting your own escape room business is your secret dream, and you’re doing research late at night, hoping to conjure the courage to take the leap.

Or perhaps you don’t keep your aspirations to yourself. Maybe you’ve told everyone about your desire to quit your day job and transform people’s lives with real-life adventures.

The immersive entertainment industry is filled with folks just like you. People who are inspired by imaginative puzzles, secret passageways, mysteries to solve, and magical transportation into unexplored worlds. 

Some of them are living the dream. 

And some of them are just dreaming.

If you’re looking for the inspiration to stop dreaming and start building, there are plenty of companies that offer the industry expertise necessary to help entrepreneurs like you get their live escape room businesses off the ground. 

Whether you need someone to guide you through the process from business plan to opening day or you’re just looking for a special effects genius to craft that brilliant puzzle you’ve designed, someone is out there with the skills and passion to make it happen.

In this directory of escape room vendors, you’ll find companies that offer a wide range of products and services. With this list in hand, there’s nothing standing in your way of realizing your dream.

Choosing the Right Level of Support

If you’re serious about starting an escape room business, you’ll find a thorough step-by-step guide that will take you from initial idea to your first profits in How to Open Your Own Escape Room: A Simple 22-Step Guide.

In that article, step 3 involves deciding how much of the room design and construction you’ll do yourself.

Some escape room operators are very hands-on. They plan, design, and construct everything themselves. Others love the idea of running a room escape business, but they are more interested in the day-to-day operations once the rooms are constructed.

Neither strategy is right or wrong, and there is plenty of support available, no matter where you fall on that spectrum.

Your challenge is to determine what style works best for you. Then find the vendors that offer the products and services you need to get your business started and make it happen!

First figure out where you are on the do-it-yourself spectrum:

I want to run an escape room business, but I want the security of a recognizable brand and proven game designs backing me up.

Consider partnering with an established company that offers franchise opportunities.

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I’d like to build my own brand, but I’d still prefer the security of proven game designs and professional help with those areas I’m unfamiliar with.

Consider a turnkey solution (a combination of design, construction, and installation services).

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I want to be involved in the planning and construction, but I don’t have the skills to make all my ideas a reality.

Look for a company that offers the specific products and services you aren’t prepared or able to do yourself.

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

I want to do everything myself, from the room and puzzle design to the construction and everything in between.

You may still find it helpful to talk to some professionals who have been in the industry for a while before you jump in.

Keep Reading to Browse All Vendors

You may find that your preferences fall in between some of these categories. All of the vendors listed here can provide ideas, advice, and assistance, even if you’re a dedicated DIYer. 

As you review the vendors listed below, you’ll want to carefully consider not only your capabilities, but your timeline, budget, and preferences. After all, you may have the skills to build the entire room yourself, but do you really want to?

Now, let’s find the folks who will bring your new career to life!

Escape Room Franchise

Escape Room Franchises

If you want to get started quickly and focus your efforts on running – rather than starting – your own escape room business, a franchise might be the right choice for you.

When you buy into a franchise, you not only get tested escape games and the support of a company that has been delighting customers for years, you also gain an established, successful brand. Escape room enthusiasts are familiar with which companies produce outstanding experiences, and having that well-known name on your sign will bestow upon your business an automatic level of trust.

Franchise companies generally offer a variety of support services to their partners, including marketing, business and legal consultation, training for both management and staff, and regular opportunities to add fresh new scenarios to your venue. Some franchise operators also provide financing options, location scouting assistance, and more.

In return for these benefits, you’re likely to pay certain monthly or annual fees and a percentage of your revenue. Many business owners consider these costs to be completely worth it. They enjoy knowing that their investment is backed by a stable company that is committed to their success. Other people prefer to have more autonomy and find the corporate requirements of a franchiser to be too restrictive. 

You are the only person who can decide whether a franchise is a good fit for you. If you do decide to buy into a franchise, make sure you carefully research your choices and select the one that you feel provides the best balance of support to financial investment.

Here are a few companies that offer escape room franchises.

Novus Escape Game

Novus Escape Game

Novus is the first escape game operator in the world to offer character-based games in which players choose a "super power" prior to play, a feature that makes the games more challenging and fun.

"As a franchisor, we have an experienced team of professionals working from design up to operation of the game room to provide the highest quality to our partners. Our products are unique, yet reasonably priced. All of our partners always say we deliver more value compared to what they pay us, and we take pride in this, as we value long-term relationships with all our partners."


QuestQuest boasts more than 60 franchise locations in cities throughout the world, so they can offer franchisees extensive experience with different populations. They also provide 24-hour support, their own IT department and marketing agency, full end-to-end support from room selection to opening day, and an acceptable price-to-quality ratio for new business owners.

Trap Escape Games

Trap Escape Games

"We, at TRAP, believe that an integral part of the flow experience is to create such an environment for players that is completely different from anything in their usual everyday life."

Turnkey Escape Rooms

Turnkey Escape Rooms

Franchises aren’t the only way for new entrepreneurs to get an escape room business started without having to learn how to do everything themselves.

The companies in this list offer a full range of products and services that can be engaged separately, if you only need a little help, or combined to transform your idea into a fully operational escape room business.

If you choose to engage a company’s turnkey services, at the very least, you’ll receive a room scenario and design (either off-the-shelf or custom depending upon your preference and budget), construction in the location you’ve selected, and installation of electronics and other puzzle mechanics. Most of the vendors in this list provide a lot more.

Here’s a list of companies that supply everything you need to successfully and confidently open an escape room business.



Indestroom is the largest escape room producer in the world. The company’s 110 employees provide everything from A to Z for escape rooms businesses worldwide, including unique designs built with the latest generation in escape room puzzles, a two-way admin and control system for every room, and vandal-proof technologies.

Although they will travel to your location to install your games if you require it, all of Indestroom’s equipment is designed and shipped ready for easy installation. They provide custom wiring plans in advance and deliver all the instructions necessary for customers to easily install all equipment by themselves. All puzzles can be reprogrammed online if necessary, and they offer online support for every customer.

Four hundred and seventy of Indestroom’s games are in operation throughout the world, and many locations feature three to eight of their escape room scenarios. They also own and operate the largest fully equipped escape room in the world, which is 4,000 production square meters.

Indestroom recently finished a unique project in Croatia, Dubrovnic, Old Town - Unesco Perl, a tourist destination that serves 5,000 to 8,000 tourists per day. Because the HBO Game of Thrones series was filmed in Dubrovnic, they provided a special GoT design for the show’s fans in which every puzzle can be played separately like a slot machine.

Read Indestroom's guide to starting your escape room business in their guest blog, Escape Room Blueprint: DIY Escape Room.

A+ Props

A+ Props

A+ Props’ mission is to help rookie escape room owners all over the globe open and operate the business of their dreams. They know the challenges you will face and offer help with every aspect of the process. Their game designs can be found in 64 locations around the world.

The company’s Canibal of Paris game is the top-rated horror escape room in France. The first chapter of this project was based on their popular Butcher scenario, and the second was a collaboration with the guys at Youhavesixtyminutes (shoutout to Laurent for this incredible experience).



BoydEscapes has been helping escape room operators around the world build profitable and popular escape games since the company was founded in 2014. Their builders, designers, and engineers have also done work for major theme parks throughout the United States.

Visit Escape Westgate in Glendale, Arizona to see their officially licensed games in operation. You can purchase their officially licensed escape room packages, including Terminator 2 Escape and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Escape Room.

The Codex

The folks at The Codex like to stand out and do things differently. All of their designs feature out-of-the-box, unconventional, and unexpected puzzles; they are passionate about surprising their audience and making sure that all the experiences they create stand out. They focus on very funny, very entertaining scenarios.

The Codex offers nine unique game scenarios, but they are particularly proud of these:

  • The Challenge Rooms. A competition-based game that is 70% escape room and 30% strategy and deduction game, featuring side quests, bonuses, and sabotages
  • Prohibition Escape Room. A game that can be played either as a normal escape room or with a live performance (actors)
  • Murder Mystery Van, Virus Threat, and Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece. Three corporate games

They also offer mobile escape room games for large groups (up to 200 people).

Creative Works

Creative Works

Creative Works says you’ll generally find that your options exist on two ends of a spectrum: do-it-yourself (DIY) escape rooms and full franchises.

“DIY rooms typically have basic themes, second-hand furniture, and lots of padlocks for puzzles. There’s nothing wrong with padlocks, as they have their place in certain rooms. But you have to give your guests more than just padlocks if you want them to come back . On the other hand, franchises require … franchise fees and royalties. This means you pay for the privilege of giving away a chunk of your revenue.

“Neither of these models works well for family entertainment centers, which is where our rooms come into play. We deliver turnkey, fully themed escape room experiences. Your guests get a room that’s better than a franchise, and you don’t have to pay the extra fees. You keep all the money you make.”

Creative Works offers two types of turnkey escape rooms:

  • Traditional. Traditional rooms are typically 60-minute, multi-room experiences that require about 350-500 square feet. They are longer experiences, require more hands-on attention from staff, and can allow you to charge a higher price per player.
  • Autonomous. Autonomous escape rooms are self-guided, auto-resetting rooms of approximately 150-250 square feet with shorter, 30-minute durations that allow operators to double their revenue-per-square-foot compared to traditional rooms.


EcoDecor focuses primarily on challenging, custom projects that are unique and unusual. They particularly enjoy experimenting to develop non-standard solutions, including VR and augmented reality (AR) designs.

There are 404 of their room designs in operation around the world. They offer simple plug-and-play solutions that are easy to install, both puzzles and entire ready-to-play escape rooms.

One project they’re particularly proud of is an end-to-end installation for a client in Switzerland. They designed and installed a complete set of puzzles and decoration, plus custom software to control all the puzzles, including:

  • General sound control (8 channels)
  • Lighting control (DMX controllers, SPI controllers, DMX dimmers, etc.)
  • An AR puzzle
  • AR application
  • Web interface to control every unit of the scenario, including sound, lighting, and room customization options

Escape Maze

Escape Maze specializes in designing games with a brief bit of history or a true story in mind. Their games make players feel as though they have stepped back in time, either to the days of the wild west or other historical time periods.

Forty of their room designs have been purchased by escape room operators around the world, although they may not all have been constructed yet.

One of their most recent games, Time Machine Rescue, features a scenario focused on Sir Sandford Fleming, the man who invented time zones. In addition to giving us the standard time zones we use to maintain consistency in our global economy, Fleming was also a train engineer.

In Time Machine Rescue, Fleming has used his knowledge and skills to build a time machine, which has accidentally been lost in the future (our time). The players’ job is to get the time machine started up again and send it back to Fleming’s time so he can repair a rip in the space-time continuum.

Escape Room Doctor

Escape Room Doctor tailors their designs, products, and services to meet the specific needs of each customer. Relying upon the expertise of multiple escape room specialists, they include everything they know about the escape room industry in every project.

"Our clients don't just receive puzzles and gadgets; they receive all our expertise, consulting, and support, plus a warranty."

More than 50 of their designs can be found in room escape facilities worldwide. The company also offers an escape room automation system called QUEEN.

Gratuitous Sets

Gratuitous Sets promises games that provide maximum immersion. An example of their work is the Mayan Temple interior at Red Door’s Plano location. This video provides a glimpse of their design and construction process, as well as the detailed work they do.

Immersive Tech

Immersive Tech is the leading provider of unique and custom solutions that utilize a combination of technology, video game design methodology, and quality fabrication for a variety of purposes. They work with world-class agencies, Fortune 50 companies, and family entertainment centers around the world, and they have the portfolio to back it up. They create experiences for brand engagement, corporate training, and revenue generation opportunities.

One of their custom escape room experiences was designed for Intel, and it is currently live. "We designed and fabricated six custom road cases containing a unique mobile game, which we built containing custom props, hardware to control digital content on multiple projectors, and a center console that triggered content as teams progressed. This experience is being deployed to six continents around the world and will be deployed a total of 50 times for over 5,000 Intel employees."

Justman Designs

Justman Designs

Phillip Justman, who operates Justman Designs with dozens of contracted artists, carpenters, and low-voltage wizards, says his expertise originally comes from the world of immersive theatre and experience design.

"I spent a decade learning how to tell a story in 360 degrees, using subtle design choices and storytelling to pull the players deeper into an experience. I have found my niche with escape rooms and interactive adventures. I am the opposite of the cookie-cutter escape room designer. I wanna get weird, creative, and create experiences that the players will go home and have dreams about."

You can play 25 of his games at various locations around the world. Phillip’s A Quest for Freedom and The Midnighters at the top-rated Olde City Escape Games in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stand out as some of his best work. "I was fortunate to work with amazing, creative clients that provided the space to create escape rooms that are very unique with mainstream appeal."

Lockdown Designs

Lockdown Escape Rooms, Inc. Lockdown Design Division

Lockdown's Design Division builds escape rooms through a whole-approach strategy in much the same way that an escape room team tackles an escape room. All their departments work together to provide accessible, serviceable, durable entertainment industry products, from game designs to one-off props to fully themed room builds.

"We have a diverse team of skilled people who can create some pretty cool products. Our staff are thoughtful and educated in their build process with end product staff/owner interaction and customer interaction on site."

Lockdown has sold custom game assets and room designs to more than 50 escape room operators around the world. Of Lockdown's innovative inventions, they are particularly proud of their motion games – games in which the entire room moves on a motion platform (26-foot submarine, 22-foot spaceship, an elevator, etc.) with scenery and threats, such as ocean, asteroids, storms, and creatures, visible outside of windows.

Mindgames Productions, LLC

Mindgames Productions, LLC

With the exception of custom work, Mindgames Productions sells only designs that have been successfully built and operated, so you know they're well tested before you add them to your facility. There are 87 of their games in operation throughout the world.

Mindgames Productions is particularly proud of their Wizards and Dragons game. They also offer a Twilight Zone game for which they received permission to use the name and certain graphics from the television show.

Paperdice Solutions GmbH

Paperdice Solutions GmbH

Paperdice Solutions offers individual game design services to escape room operators, corporations, and educational institutions throughout Europe. They apply years of experience in a variety of fields to deliver escape rooms that feature marketing elements, product placement, and educational content, in addition to entertainment value. Approximately 50 installations of their work are in operation.

Super Escape Room

Super Escape Room

The folks at Super Escape Room design, construct, and install everything from individual puzzles and props to full escape rooms worldwide. They specialize in high-quality tourist-friendly and educational escape games, both for traditional indoor venues and for outdoor and city street engagement.

They also develop unique compact portable games with reliable electronic puzzles, puzzles with augmented and virtual reality, and logical and mechanical puzzles.

They approach each project with the client's preferences, needs, and budget in mind and adapt their design process accordingly. Before custom work is invoiced, clients are given the opportunity to view and request revisions to their scenarios. Client satisfaction is Super Escape Room's top priority.

"The story, the size of the room, the budget practically do not matter to us; we can provide custom development of the scenario at an affordable price. If the client can't use electronic puzzles, we will make good mechanical, logical [puzzles] for him. If there are problems with the installation of the puzzle, we will come up with alternatives. For us, it is important that the client gets an escape room or game that will be liked by him and the players."

Room scenarios are designed by Super Escape Room's team in St. Petersburg. Their designs can be constructed at their facility and shipped, or they can be constructed on-site and installed by their team. They provide ongoing support to all their clients to make sure their projects continue to fulfill their needs, even after the sale and installation are final.

Approximately 20 of Super Escape Room's designs are in operation around the world. They are proud of all their projects, and their designs receive high marks from players on TripAdvisor. Some of their favorite projects include the following:

  • Apocalypse in Alicante, Spain, an escape room featuring many technological, dynamic puzzles
  • 1408 in Nice, France, an inexpensive but very atmospheric escape room based on a novel by Stephen King
  • Attack of Hackers on Canada, a portable escape game with puzzles for every taste

Ticking Time by Design

Ticking Time by Design

"We are escape room owners; our games have been built by escape room owners. When you purchase a game from us, you can be sure that it has been played and tested by thousands of paying customers."

Currently 238 operating games are based upon Ticking Time by Design's plans.

Combination of DIY and Outsourcing

Combination of DIY and Outsourcing

So, all these turnkey services sound great, but what if you like doing things yourself?

Hey, we get it. There’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained by planning and executing your business idea on your own.

If you’re a serious DIYer, you’ll probably find that your best strategy is to do what you can yourself and outsource the rest.

Maybe you’re good with tools and don’t need someone else to construct your room for you, but you’d like a scenario that’s already been tested and perfected by someone else.

Maybe you’ve got your room planned down to the tiniest detail, but you have no idea how to construct it all so it’s sturdy enough to stand up to daily player abuse.

Maybe you can design fantastic puzzles, but you don’t have the mechanical skills to wire everything together.

The vendors on this list offer a variety of products and services that help escape room operators fill in their skill gaps.


Cerebro is a one-man shop with 122 immersive games in operation around the world. He prides himself on his originality and innovation. When you buy a Cerebro script, you not only get the script, you get hours of consultation with a leading game-design expert who has studied this industry for many years and is one of the leading speakers in gaming conferences around the world.

"Having played myself over 600 rooms around the world, and having designed over 100 personally, I always find new ways to surprise players, new formats ... to increase revenue and attract bigger groups, and a complete understanding of customer needs, being able to adapt to their budget."

Although proud of all of his work, one of Cerebro's favorite projects was writing and creating escape rooms for a successful TV show that was watched by millions. This game show, in which people competed in escape rooms, won the Israeli Academy Award for best game show two years in a row.

Cerebro also created one of the most popular rooms in Israel: a heist room in which players rob an escape room production factory and find themselves going through many half-built escape rooms on the factory floor.

Creative Escape Rooms

Creative Escape Rooms

Creative Escape Rooms supplies escape room owners worldwide with both custom and off-the-shelf props and puzzles.

Two of their most popular puzzles are the Stash Box and Holey Moley. The Stash Box is a puzzle box that players must spin in order to open. The Holey Moley is a puzzle that consists of 10 pegs of varying heights which must be aligned in the base so that they are flush; when all 10 pegs are correctly aligned, a code or message is revealed.

They also offer a variety of mazes, some of which use magnets, and some of which use keys. Out of these, the Gated Key Maze is a favorite. "The gate mechanic really opens up a lot of possibilities on how owners can implement it in to their escape rooms."

Crux Scenica

Crux Scenica

Crux Scenica is a one-stop fabrication shop for all of your creative ideas to come to life. "We are not just builders, we are creative problem solvers." You can view their extensive portfolio, where they show pictures of their work, here. "Our quality is never a surprise."

In addition to escape rooms, they work a lot in commercials, marketing, and advertising for clients throughout the world. They offer all clients support for as long as their projects are up and running, no matter where they're located. They offer full installation services, and they'll also ship room elements to DIYers.

One of their most innovative projects, Time Traveling Mobile Tour, was a great challenge for their technical abilities. This two-room escape room was built in a 32- foot gooseneck trailer. It is basically fully automated, with a full light and sound system, instant feedback, and resets with a push of a button. The room has already traveled across the country and is slated to do so one or two more times.

The project was the first time Crux Scenica used pneumatics, and "everything turned out great!" A video on their YouTube channel shows the walk-through and some of the "WOW" factors, such as the fog machine and multiple sliding doors.

"Keeping up with a room that is on the road daily has made for some interesting discoveries and work-arounds. It's been great managing it, and we think it really takes mobile escape rooms to the next level! There is so much you can do inside a trailer, and I think this aspect of the escape room industry goes unnoticed or underappreciated."

EscapeRoomGear offers escape room operators throughout the world the Ghost Bust®, a talking bust that interacts with players either via live, spontaneous control or through pre-recorded messages.

These interactive props can make each game run like clockwork without the need for actors. If you've got talented actors at the ready, you can also use them to operate the bust to offer a hilarious back and forth with the participants like nothing else can.

"[Our] talking busts are exciting and unique, and provide mesmerizing special effects that can't be found anywhere else. [The busts] make for an exciting and memorable experience, while making things easy and dependable from the tech crew's standpoint."

The strength in their product is the ability to have a mesmerizing talking statue interact live with your escape room visitors via an actor "puppeting" it from a remote location, or conversely, replacing the need for actors with pre-recorded performances. The effect is similar to something you'd see in Disney's Haunted Mansion, but it's customized to your escape room's theme and message needs.

Their Einstein Talking Bust is the hottest seller right now. "The Genius" delivers the introductory back story in his familiar Austrian accent, dispenses clues when players get stuck, warns them of time running short, chastises them when they touch things they shouldn't, and delivers the climactic success or failure message when their time is up. Audiences love how the bust seems to come alive to interact with them! Video footage of the bust in action can be viewed here.

Escape Room Tailors

Escape Room Tailors

Escape Room Tailors merges quality electronics on the inside with quality woodwork and decoration on the outside to create escape room puzzles and props that are both stylish and functional.

"I see a lot of manufacturers who are either very good at electronics but mostly use off-the-shelf electronic boxes for props or are skilled in carpentry and decor, but only use basic electronics, like reed switches, keypads, and RFIDs."

Escape Room Tailors serves customers in Europe, the United States, and Canada, and their original work can be found in 23 escape room locations. In several European cities, there are escape room facilities that feature multiple prop designs built by the company. Their products are generally shipped via the most convenient and budget-friendly method, but they will install units for an additional fee if requested.

Their signature effect is the use of lights and shadows to make images appear on a prop, a technique Escape Room Tailors uses a lot more often than anybody else. Their most popular and probably most well known prop is the "magic map," which is inspired by the Marauders Map in Harry Potter. When players trigger the prop, usually with simple object placement, a trail of footsteps appears, leading them to examine various objects within the game. The map can be custom-designed for your room scenario; it could be a large-scale map or even an actual blueprint of the room.

Escape Room Techs, Inc.

Escape Room Techs, Inc.

Escape Room Techs provides engineering services and prop kits to the escape room industry. Their tech can be found in hundreds of escape rooms around the world. Orders can generally be shipped via the most convenient and budget-friendly delivery service, but they will also provide installation if needed.

"Many can make great looking props. We make the electronics for them."

Froggy's Fog

Froggy's Fog

Froggy's Fog manufactures and distributes theatrical effects fluids and machines. More than 20,000 entertainment venues throughout the world rely upon Froggy's Fog for their fluid-based special effects.

"We pride ourselves in having over 100 machine fluid combinations approved by Actors' Equity. We also have the largest selection and most recognizable scents on the market."

Hourglass Adventures

Hourglass Adventures

Customer service is Hourglass Adventures’ top priority, and the company’s owner prides himself on his ability to exceed customer expectations. Before beginning a project, he makes sure he understands exactly what the customer is looking for, and he uses his extensive experience in the escape room industry to make recommendations that may improve upon the original idea.

"Whether I am contacted to create a customized puzzle, or someone wants to buy a game plan, I make sure everything is well communicated and all questions are answered. [Throughout the design and construction process], I keep the customer updated and if needed, ask additional questions for clarification. In the end it's their business I'm helping with, so they always have the final say."

Hourglass Adventures generally works with customers in the United States, but they do ship worldwide. Plans and products are shipped via priority mail, and installation on-site can easily be performed by the venue operator. More than 100 escape room operators have engaged Hourglass Adventures’ services to date, with 50+ installations of his room designs.

One of Hourglass Adventures' most popular designs is Tohua Island, a portable, large-group game that has delighted players around the world. Escape room owners like the additional source of income and the brand recognition a portable game facilitates, and players enjoy the theme and challenging puzzles.

"I have sold Tohua Island from just a game plan package (where the owner puts the game together) all the way to building the complete final puzzle (which includes a 3-foot tall tiki) and putting together many of the components. The game is very transportable and perfect for all groups up to around 50 players (or more with modifications)."

Improbable Escapes

Improbable Escapes

"We are a team of game developers, set designers, graphic designers, and marketers that creates experiences that are unlike many others in the escape room industry."

The folks at Improbable Escapes are happy to share their knowledge with other owners on a consultant basis, and they love it when their games are bought to be installed all over the world! You can find 244 of Improbable Escapes' games in operation.

Klab's Overstock

Klabs Overstock

Klabs Overstock has worked across many different industries for hundreds of clients across the globe. They understand the importance of building quality products to industrial standards for live entertainment venues like escape rooms.

"We are thankful to have worked on some of the largest (and most expensive) escape room installations in the world and pride ourselves on building a product that requires minimal service."

Their best known project is the work they did on the Mission Mars escape room at The Escape Game in Orlando, Florida. Their work can also be seen in The Legend of Atlantis, The Haunting of Hyde House, and Big Maw Bertha's games at Gatlin's Escape Games in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Backstage Escape Games in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

MasterWerx Studios

MasterWerx Studios

MasterWerx Studios provides clients that are developing or refurbishing a themed attraction with durable, cost effective, and visually stunning props. From one centerpiece attraction to a multi-roomed set, they've done it all. They specialize in beautiful, highly detailed props that look real – items that appear old, substantial, weathered, or antiqued.

MasterWerx Studios does not sell pre-made, off-the-shelf products. Each of their props is hand made to the highest level of detail to meet the client's exact needs.

Experienced escape room players are delighted when they come across something fresh and new. A lot of standard themed props are available on the market today. MasterWerx crafts props that are extremely unique and offer a high degree of visual attraction. Great visual value draws customers in and keeps them coming back.

"We have been dedicated to the art of prop making far longer than the life of our studio and have produced props pieces for theatrical productions, luxury swimming pools, theme park/amusement/attractions, retail displays, celebrities and more."

MasterWerx props for the pirate pool were featured in the first episode of the first season of HGTV's Pool Kings. They included several life-sized skeleton pirates, one of which was fully animatronic and motion activated; it spoke, moved its head and arms, and more.

The company also created a chandelier that featured a full-sized skeleton pirate tangled in rigging that also held two lanterns, a full sized cannon, a ship's wheel, and a highly detailed treasure chest.

MasterWerx is extremely selective regarding who they work with and currently provides services only to clients in the United States, although they have made exceptions for a few clients in Columbia, Australia, and South America.

New Escape Room Designs, Inc.

New Escape Room Designs, Inc.

New Escape Room Designs has done custom work for a variety of high-profile clients, including Parks Canada, Laser Quest, several heritage sites, and many universities. More than 350 of their designs are in operation around the world.

"My puzzles are smart, memorable, immersive, challenging, logical, and they work. For a low investment, I can get your business up and running with a high-quality product."

nootropic design

nootropic design

Hundreds of escape room owners around the world have engaged nootropic designs to supply their businesses with puzzles and props. The company's goal is to educate people about technology and provide products that are fun!

nootropic's signature product is the Game Timer Pro, which is ideal for escape rooms, games, film props, or other professional activities. This prop looks like a classic bomb timer, complete with colored wires, one of which must be cut to stop the countdown.

PIN Escape Rooms

PIN Escape Rooms

"Our games have earned excellent reviews by players in 10 different countries so far, and all of our partners built their games without problems using our scenarios and plans."

Eighteen installations of PIN Escape Rooms can be found throughout the world, including PIN Escape Rooms Belgrade, Escape Art Zagreb, Exit Escape Room Fuerteventura, Lubbock Escapes, Cleverdillema UK, and Escape Hillerod.

To learn more about the origins of PIN Escape Rooms, check out How I Built a Successful Escape Room Business in Less Than a Year.

Practical Escape

Practical Escape

Practical Escape was a low-voltage company before escape rooms became popular, and they specialize in hard-wiring, custom control panels, cameras, audio/video, alarms, and (especially) access control systems. "We can install a mag lock on just about anything!"

They build and ship custom items all over the world and are always ready to travel to clients' locations to provide professional product installation.

They are licensed and insured, NICET Certified Fire and Life Safety experts with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Their aim is not only to provide props and facades that look really cool on the outside, but also tried-and-true electrical systems that keep them running from the inside for years to come.

They also look at every install from a real-world emergency perspective and build the escape room around that premise. "Our top two priorities are guest safety and client satisfaction!"

Practical Escape's signature product is the "Mug & Painting." It's really simple: guests find a stainless steel mug and 'clink glasses' with the man in a painting, which causes a secret compartment to rise out of the frame, complete with custom light and sound effects. Players love it!

A custom project they're proud of is the "Haunted Heckling Coke Machine," which is literally a Coke dispenser modified to taunt guests with maniacal laughter as they interact with it. The piece eventually transforms into a secret passageway to a hidden room when solved!

Riddle Factory

Riddle Factory

Riddle Factory designs plug-and-play puzzles that fit into any theme, without the individual escape room operator needing to do a lot of work to make them fit into their scenarios. They also deliver 60-minute portable escape rooms and mini games of 20 minutes.

Between 150 and 250 escape rooms throughout the world feature their work.

All of their props and puzzles are super easy to install, so there is no need for custom installation. They ship all of their products via the most convenient and budget-friendly carrier for each customer.

They're particularly proud of an augmented reality puzzle design they recently launched called Perspectives. You can see it in action here.



SpelOntwerp provides creative design services for escape room operators in Belgium. They partner with manufacturing and installation specialists to make their innovative ideas come to life, and six of their escape rooms are currently in operation.

"We create escape room concepts because we are passionate about it. We enjoy the process of creating the mission, the storyline, and the imaginary world and love to integrate a variety of interesting puzzles and tasks into that."

Test Subjects

Test Subjects

Test Subjects was founded by three magicians from Las Vegas, which gives them a unique viewpoint when creating escape rooms. They start with the story first and let that drive the puzzles and vice versa.

In addition to designing, building, and installing game elements, Test Subjects also provides consulting services. They'll help you improve your room's story, flow, puzzles, and immersion.

One room the team is particularly proud of is an escape room that involved getting trapped inside a video game. Players started by crawling inside of a retro arcade cabinet, fixing a glitch, and then getting sucked into the game. It culminated with a battle against a projection of an 8-bit boss monster. You can view the boss fight here.

Thrill Builders

Thrill Builders

Thrill Builders is a preferred vendor and installer of escape rooms for family entertainment centers (FECs). They pride themselves on the quality, service, warranty, creativity, and durability they offer their customers. More than 400 escape room operators around the world have taken advantage of Thrill Builders' expertise and craftsmanship.


SEO ORB aims at collaborating with escape room businesses to help them scale up their online presence and bookings which in turn will bring in resources for further expansion and growth.
Stage 1 – SEO Analysis
At this stage we examine whether SEO is a good fit for your goals. We will do an analysis to find out exactly how many people are using Google to search for Escape Rooms in your location and mark that against the number of estimated bookings we can bring you.
Stage 2 – SEO Strategy
Once we have identified your keywords and understood that SEO is a good fit for you. We find your top competitors to uncover their content and marketing strategies. This helps us reverse-engineer their game plan and create a winning strategy for your Escape Room that get’s you an edge, your competitors cannot match.
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Now that we have analyzed your market and created a winning strategy, it is time to put thoughts into action to get you the rankings your Escape Rooms deserve.
Is SEO for Escape Rooms any different from SEO for other businesses? The one word answer is – Yes. Let me explain.
The basic principles of SEO – for example giving attention to keyword management, H1 tags, authority pages and so on – remain the same.
However the actual action plan will have to reflect the escape room industry. For example, how much you utilize FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) will vary between an escape room and a Dentist. That’s the advantage you get in hiring me because we only focus on a single industry – Escape Rooms. Click on Let’s Get Started below to schedule a discovery call in my calendar.


As a general rule, you’ll find that those who provide escape room products and services do what they do because they’re truly passionate about the industry. They want to make sure you’re as enthusiastic on the day you first open your doors as you were when you first decided to start a room escape business. So don’t hesitate to reach out and find the right team to help.

With this list at your fingertips, you have everything you need to get your escape room business off the ground. It doesn’t matter how much design, electronics, or construction experience you have; there’s a vendor out there that’s ready and willing – enthusiastic even! – to help you make your dream a reality.

So what are you waiting for?

Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming and started fulfilling your destiny?