Is an escape room a great idea for a date?

Is an escape room a great idea for a date?

Escape rooms have become the public’s favourite pastime and for a good reason. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an entertainment service that combines the risky, intriguing plotlines with the excitement of doing it in real life yourself instead of enjoying it through the screen. The unique blend of this characteristic is what made escape rooms into a global phenomenon that they are today and they will likely stick around for much longer improving upon current setups, storylines, and adventures. They have become accessible in many countries and are currently one of the most popular activities among younger people.

But there is much more to Escape rooms than just intriguing stories and puzzle-solving, they also help people to connect more deeply, work on their teamwork skills and to do something completely different than their day-to-day lives. This is why going to an escape room for a date has become such a popular concept. If you’ve heard about this but aren’t yet convinced we’ve combined a list of few things to consider when choosing an escape room for a date or why it is a good idea in the first place. 

It helps to break the ice

First dates can be nerve-wracking. Both of you are probably nervous and sometimes that affects the way the conversation can flow between the two people. But if you go to an escape room as your first date you will definitely not run out of things to talk about during your time after. It is a great way to feel more comfortable around a new person since the escape room doesn’t leave much room for small talk and requires a lot of teamwork and communication to get through, which is why so many people chose it as their destination for a first date. Not only that but it is also a guaranteed fun memory that you will both look back on with a smile, so who wouldn’t want that? There are a lot of threads, specifically escape room date Reddit threads that you could check out to see if anyone near you has had a good escape room date experience. There is definitely no lack of information around escape rooms so it should be fairly easy to set up an escape room date. When both of you are thrown into an unpredictable situation it is fun and exciting but also lets you display your abilities to the other person about how well you can manage these situations and how compatible you are as a team. Whether you enjoy the scary escape rooms or puzzle-solving ones escape rooms will definitely help you get to know your date better.

It’s something different

Let’s say this is not your first date but you’ve been going to the same diner or the restaurant for weeks or months on end. Escape rooms are an experience that you can’t really have anywhere else and it’s a good way to shake things up if you’re feeling like you both have been in a rut recently. It is relatively cheap and you can find an escape room for 2 very easily and make it into your own thing.It changes up the routine and makes things way more exciting than just watching a movie. It’s an immersive experience that keeps you in the present moment and engaged with the other person which is something most dates lack these days. If you’ve been wanting to try out something different and more exciting for a date this could actually be the best option for you. There are very few people in this world who don’t enjoy escape rooms so it is a pretty safe bet no matter who you’re dating. If they have a favorite movie or a franchise see if you can find a themed escape room near you and make it an even more personal experience, Plus just by searching escape rooms for couples you will see a lot of perfect options for a date.

It’s relatively affordable 

While most out of the box date options will likely cost you hundreds of dollars escape rooms can be found for a relatively cheap price. The price does vary but it is usually around $50 for two people and sometimes even less. Some of the best escape rooms for couples are actually pretty affordable. Escape rooms are a primary example that you do not need to spend too much money just to create a memorable experience. You can do that for around $50 and enjoy the exciting night away from the overpriced food and drinks. There are even coupons you can look out for or wait for the weekdays when prices are usually lower to enjoy it for the lower cost. Or even share an escape room with another couple and break down the cost. The important thing is that the escape room allows for much more room when it comes to price range and is way more affordable than other similar activities plus it’s still relatively new so some people have either never heard of it or have never done it before which makes it even more exciting. Escape room prices vary depending on the number of props they use or where they relocated but since the options are so many you should be able to find the one that works for your price range without any problems.

Escape rooms bring people together

If you’re still wondering whether your dates like the escape rooms consider the underlying theme in all of them. We briefly touched on this topic on our first point but this issue goes deeper than breaking the ice. A part of what people love so much about escape rooms is that they make you work under pressure since escape rooms have time limits where you have to resolve the puzzle or find a way to escape in under 60 minutes. Their sort of high-pressure situations are great at bonding people together and that goes for couples too. Working towards the common goal, even if it’s not a real-life goal can help bring you two closer together and may even force you to talk and communicate better, more openly with each other since there is no way to get out of an escape room without communicating with other people in it and without helping each other out on the way. Escape rooms are the perfect place to go if you love going on adventures but don’t really have time to fully commit to that. As mentioned above escape rooms take only about an hour but give you a thrill that lasts way longer than that. Usually, an escape room for 2 will usually take longer compared to when in the group but you will still manage to fit in the one-hour timeframe. Even if you two fail to do the tasks, you will still have a lot of fun trying to get out and solve all the mysteries of an escape room.

All in all, there is really no reason why you should back off from going on a date to an escape room since all the perks we’ve listed above, it is basically a guaranteed good time. If you’re concerned that your date might not be up for some intense scary experience you can always count on the escape rooms that are more focused on solving puzzles and mysteries and using your brain to follow the clues correctly, since those can be just as enjoyable but definitely less intense. The more you know about the person the more precise you can be about what type of escape room they would like, but you don’t know each other quite yet you always have the safer options where actually there is even more room for talking and communication and if all goes well maybe you can have an escape room second date.

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