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Escape Room Blueprint – DIY Escape Room

With more and more entrepreneurs entering the escape game industry, your success depends more on long-term stability than novelty. Find out what it takes to open a successful escape room in today's market in this step-by-step guide.

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Legal Guidelines for Escape Room Business (US/Canada 2018 Update)

Do you sometimes feel like you need a law degree to run your escape room business? Don’t you wish the rules were written in English not legalese/gibberish? In this article I will touch on a few of the legal issues escape room businesses are likely to encounter. This blog is by no means a substitute for formal legal advice, but hopefully it helps you start conversations with your local lawyer.

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100 More Great Escape Room Puzzle Ideas

You need puzzles that will challenge your customers, but which will also be fun and just the right amount of difficult to make them enjoy solving them without getting angry or frustrated. The puzzle ideas in Nowescape’s blog, 101 Best Escape Room Puzzle Ideas, helped you get started. Now we’ve compiled another list to spark your imagination and help get you on the path to success.

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4-Point Checklist: Escape Room Website Design

As a business, you understand that when meeting new people, first impressions are key. Today, that first impression is formed the moment a person looks at your website. Follow these do's and don'ts to make sure your website gives escape room players the impression that your operation is worth the price of admission.

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SEO Tools for Escape Room Owners: Solving the Digital Marketing Puzzle

As an escape room operator, you wear many hats.

You’re a showman and an entertainer. You’re also a marketer, a handyman, a customer service representative, an employer, a bookkeeper, and more!

Chances are, you don’t have training in every aspect of each of these roles.

One area you may find particularly challenging is marketing your escape room.

Sure you’ve got a website set up and you’re posting some things on social media, but when talk turns to SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies, you start feeling like maybe you’re in over your head.

For more marketing ideas – many of which require no computer skills at all –
check out 21 Ways to Sell More Escape Room Games.

In this guest post, Elliott Bailey, owner and operator of Heist Escape Party and self-proclaimed “tech head,” makes developing an effective online presence easy to understand.

If you’ve been wondering how to increase traffic to your website, this is the step-by-step escape room marketing tutorial for you.


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How I Built a Successful Escape Room Business in Less Than a Year

What does it take to open an escape room business?

What are the challenges you’ll face?

What are the sacrifices you’ll have to make?

How long will it take for you to stop feeling like you’re “new to the business” and start feeling like you’re a pro?

No matter where you are in the world, starting a business is a scary proposition.

Do you have the courage to follow your dreams?

What if we could show you how other people have done it – and succeeded?

There’s nothing better than a success story to remind you of what you’re capable of!

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