Escape room SEO, Studies and vendors directory

Theme parks, scare parks,  thrilling experiences and escape rooms in the UK

Tips and Recommendations, San Francisco and beyond.

Best coverage of USA (and around) escape rooms. Escape Room trips and more.

Reviews for Canada and parts of the USA. Consulting services.

 A blog about escape rooms, with a London bias

Barcelona-based blog with reviews for Spain and around.

A couple travelling across the US and reviewing the games.

French escape room reviews

Toronto-based enthusiast blog

Florida escape room reviews

Florida escape room reviews

Virgina, USA- based bloggers/escapers. Consulting.

Singapore and Malaysia reviews

Manchester, UK and beyond

London + South of England reviews

Australia review website

California and beyond. Reviews from players, who have played at least 5 games and a leaderboard. 

 4 escape room enthusiasts from London who have been playing them since 2014

Reviews of Yorkshire, UK and surrounding areas.

Amy Duggan and her fiancé based in Liverpool. One of the most comprehensive UK review websites.

Christine Barger, actress and ventriloquist reviewing escape rooms and haunts in California, USA and beyond.

We are Hannah and Matt from London

Paul (Master’s of Science in Game Design) and Michael (archaeologist, writer, and teacher) write about Escape rooms around the US.

UK-based review website

One of the most comprehensive Spanish review blogs

Randy and his team are very active Escape Room Reviewers on the US west coast.

Malaysia Escape room reviews 

Malaysia Escape room reviews 

Netherlands escape rooms directory and reviews

Spanish Escape Room directory with search and reviews

In-depth Escape Room Reviews across several countries, mainly USA + Discounts.

Reviews of Chicago, USA Rooms.

German Escape Room directory

Escape Room directory for Netherlands and Belgium

French escape room directory

French escape room directory

Greek escape room directory and reviews

German escape room directory and reviews

Singapore escape room reviews and also tips for the players/owners

Reviews, Tours, Events, Discounts…. there is so much on this website.

Belgium Escape Rooms directory

UK (mostly London and Kent) Escape room reviews