The list of 6 escape rooms that accept Crypto payments

Escape rooms that accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

Escape rooms are the latest trend in the entertainment industry and are popping up everywhere around the world. Escape rooms offer a variety of exciting experiences that force you out of your comfort zone and push you to think on your feet, they also help with team building and are a great way to entertain a group of people. Escape rooms are always a fun and memorable experience, hence they seem to attract a largely young audience. There is also an interesting overlap in those interested in escape rooms and the audience for Bitcoin on other cryptocurrencies. So it’s not that surprising that escape rooms are one of the first establishments to start gathering fees in Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Most of them even offer some discounts to those paying in cryptocurrencies. Here are 5 escape rooms over the world where you can already pay using bitcoin. 

Even though most of the escape rooms are located in the US, the majority of escape rooms that accept cryptocurrencies are located in South-Eastern Europe. Partially because the audience for Bitcoin in Europe is mostly made up of developers and tech- enthusiasts rather than finance experts. None the less, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to include crypto payments as an option for customers.

Escape Asylum in Leicester

Located in St Martins, Escape Asulym is the first business of its kind in the UK to introduce paying with cryptocurrency. Instead of having to pay with cash or card, customers of this UK escape room can pay using their digital wallet, they have to scan Escape Asylum QR code for the cryptocurrency of their choice and select how much they’d like to transfer. For now, the escape room accepts payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The establishment offers three different escape rooms to choose from. Phobia, which is quite scary and mostly for those experienced in escape rooms is meant for groups of 2-., RIIITUAL which is more focused on puzzle-solving and intuition requires you to “revive” the king that has fallen in battle but want to come back to the throne. The third escape room will be available on November 16th and is called Buried. In this latest addition to Escape Asylum, you have to get out of the coffin you’ve been placed in within 30 minutes. The latest addition to the Escape Asulym will also accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Escape Game Brighton 

Escape Room Brighton has been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2017. They also accept other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. This escape room location offers enough space for up to 18 people. They also have three different missions to choose from, all meant for groups of 2-6 people. They have missions with medium and hard difficulty levels so you should be able to find the right fit for you. So while we haven’t encountered a London escape room that accepts crypto, there is one that is just an hour away.

Room Escapers in Boston

Located in the state on Massachusets, Room Escapers are also accepting crypto payments in multiple currencies including but not limited to: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Moreno, Tezos, Stellar and Litecoin. Room Escapers apply the same cancellation/refund policies to those that pay in cryptocurrencies, as they do for those who pay in USD. In addition to that, everyone paying in crypto gets a 5% discount! 

Room Escapers offers 4 different experience all of which are based on real-life events and happenings in Boston’s rich history. These escape rooms are beginner-friendly but still innovative and space is large enough for big groups of people and team-building exercises. The escape rooms offer shipwreck scavenges, the opportunity to crack the case on organized crime in the 90’s Boston or mastering the principles of alchemy. Their most famous escape room experience, Organized chaos is mostly mean for groups of 8-10, but up to 12 people can participate. Your goal is to help FBI track down one of Boston’s notorious gangs using various breadcrumbs left behind by an insider.

Brainteaselava in Bratislava

This Slovak Escape room also allows its customers to pay in Bitcoin. Located in the capital, this escape room offers three different experiences: Escape Room, Mystery Dinner and City Game. In Escape Rooms, you have an option to play with groups of 2-5 people, while 3 teams can play at the same time. These escape rooms last a little longer than average, with 70 minutes to solve all the puzzles. The most popular one is the Treasure on Jánošik, where your goal is to help the captured brave highwaymen leader escape death. If you plan on celebrating your birthday or holding a corporate event at an escape room then you can go for Murder at Bata, which can accommodate up to 36 people.

Escape Room Franchise in Bucharest

This Romanian Escape room firm has been accepting payments in bitcoin since 2017. Escape Room Franchise designs escape games for players all around the world using innovative storylines and techniques. In addition to that, they offer a 15% discount to anyone paying in crypto. Being one of the leading escape room firms in Romania and in the world, they offer multiple experiences, some even featuring Virtual Reality. The VR escape games from Escape Room Franchise are designed for groups of 2-6 people and are available at different difficulty levels. The same firm also installed a Bitcoin ATM at the X Hostel Bucharest.

Movie Escape in Ljubljana

This establishment offers a unique experience of movie-based escape rooms. Located in Slovenia,s this establishment covers genres of adventure, comedy and drama movies to help you make the right choice for you. You don’t have to watch or know any of the movies in order to play. You can choose from Indiana Jones, the Hangover or the Thomas Crown Affair escape rooms. Movie Escape has been offering the service of paying in cryptocurrencies since November of last year. At this escape room, you can pay using Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. This Escape Room is currently offering a discount to celebrate its one year in the business, so if you’re in Slovenia don’t hesitate to take the opportunity and experience an escape room of your choice for a lower price.

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