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Escape rooms

Ultimate challenge: Haunted Mansion

2 - 6 90 min 18 + 13 +

Scared of the Dark? Do not Enter the Haunted Mansion or you’ll come out Screaming. ​

It is 2 a.m. in the night, you and your team members arrive at a huge mansion that appears deserted. Your car has broken down and you have no choice, but to spend the night in this mansion.

As you and your team members enter the mansion, the door closes from behind: was it a ghost or just the wind? ​

You have made a grave mistake by entering the building. An innocent girl was murdered here and her ghost haunts those who enter the mansion and kills them!

You and your team members are now trapped in the mansion and must find clues, solve puzzles and face obstacles to safely get out of the building.

The door of the mansion has been sealed -- you must figure out a way to break it down and escape -- that is your final challenge -- the Crunch. Do you have what it takes to beat the Haunted Mansion?

Organised by:
Crack it Bolton
Crack it Bolton
01204 371186
01204 371186

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