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Escape room

Ultimate challenge: Pirate Cove

2 - 6 90 min 18 + 13 +
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Aye Aye Captain! Steer Pass the Challenges to Find the Treasure Chest! ​

Step into the world of Pirates to test your abilities and find the treasure chest. ​

You and your team find yourself in an abandoned pirate ship. The skeletons of dead pirates are lying around, presence of their spirits can be felt and you can feel a sudden rush of wind and air.

But, don’t let these distractions hinder you and your team members away from your mission. ​

The treasure chest awaits you in a secret room of the ship. However, be warned! The Pirates have laid down traps; they don’t want anyone to steal their treasure.

You need to avoid those traps, solve puzzles and find clues to reach the treasure chest. Once you’ve reached the Treasure chest, the final trap will be triggered- that is the Crunch!

Do you have what it takes to beat the Pirate Cove?

Organised by:
Crack it Bolton
Crack it Bolton
01204 371186
01204 371186

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