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The King's Quest -Live Stream

Cheltenham, United Kingdom
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60 min
2 - 6 players
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Family, Friends, Kids
Historical, Mystical, Scientific
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Please note: this game has been adapted into a livestream game s played online via Zoom. Your team will guide a games master around a room and control what they do.

In a faraway kingdom, an enchanted sword chooses the ruler and grants him the power of protection, but in the wrong hands, the sword’s power can be used for evil.

Five witches have stolen the sword, and plan to use it to take the kingdom for themselves.

King Maximus has tasked you, his trusted knights, with retrieving it. You’ve tracked down the witches’ lair and located the sword, but you haven’t got long until they return, so you’ll have to be quick.

Be warned - The witches have covered their home in hexes. If you find one, you’ll be forced into whatever treacherous fate it reads.

Have you got what it takes to save the kingdom from eternal darkness?


Please arrive a few minutes early for briefing - the time stated on your booking is the time your game starts. Late arrivals may result in time penalties.

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Maddi F.
18 February 2020

Like going to a diy escape room, no technology and stunk of damp. Not worth £60 of anyone’s money. Only one tiny room and it all happens in there- no value for money Very disappointed

Response from Escape Rooms Cheltenham:
Hi Maddi,
Sorry you felt this way, I just wish you'd have let us know this while you were with us. We are a small independent escape room who makes all the rooms and props ourselves, and because of this stick to a more traditional style with less technology. The room is also medieval themed, so we did not feel technology would fit.

We will take your comments on board for building future rooms to ensure other people don't have a mediocre experience.

Thanks, Megan


How much does it cost for X number of players?

Our rooms are priced per game, not per person, and are £60 for between 2 and 6 players on off peak times, and £72 on peak times (Saturdays). Discounts for groups of two can be found on our social media pages for certain days.

How many people can play at one time?

Our rooms fit a maximum of 6 people at a time. If you’re a larger group, you’ll need to split up. We don’t recommend playing the games alone, however if you really want to then please feel free to get in touch (some of our games require a minimum of 2 players).

We don’t really have much of a waiting area. We allow a parent to wait while their children play the game, however as we usually have other players coming in, we ask that anymore than this waits elsewhere. There is a great cafe in Hester’s Way Resource Centre which is open weekdays. There is a Harvester, Beefeater and TGI Fridays within a few minutes drive and we are approximately a 10 minute drive away from the town centre.

Can I book multiple rooms at the same time?

Yes. Most of the time we will have two rooms available, unless one is being remodeled. If you’re unsure, please give us a call. Current theme and availability can be found here, where you can choose your date and book.

How long do I need to allow to play the game?

The room itself is an hour (unless you get out quicker!). We ask players to arrive a few minutes early to use the toilet and watch any introductory videos. We also spend about 5 minutes at the end filling in the leader board and taking any photos. If you’re parking on the public car park you’ll need to make your own decision on how long to pay for. We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes, just to be safe.

Do we get any clues?

All escape rooms work differently in the way that they give clues during the game. In our game, you can have as many clues as you want, however each clue will cost you 1 minute. The clues will be added on to your time at the end. you’ll still have the full hour to play regardless of how many clues you have.

For example, a team escapes from the room in 52 minutes, but they’ve had 6 clues, so their finishing time would be 58 minutes.

Is this game suitable for…?

Children: We advise a minimum age of 8 in our easier rooms 10 in our more difficult rooms (with adults) and 14 (whole group) as some of the puzzles can be quite demanding. It is up to the parents of the individual to determine whether the game is suitable for their child.

Pregnant ladies: The game has physical aspects to it, however no rooms will require every person to crawl, climb or strain themselves. We happily welcome pregnant ladies, but do advise that they only take part in what they feel comfortable with, and should not feel pressured to take part in the more physically demanding aspects. The door can easily be opened from inside, so if an individual needs to leave for whatever reason during the game, they can do so. You can also request for a chair in the room with you.

Parents with small babies: In the past, we’ve had groups bring small babies in a sling or car seat. We happily welcome this, however do not have space inside the room for a pushchair. If for any reason the parent and baby need to leave during the game, they can do so at any time.

People with disabilities: Our escape room has lots of elements, challenges and props included. If you have any accessibility queries that you feel may affect your ability to enjoy the room to the fullest, then please give us a call as we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. We have wheelchair access to the building and rooms as well as an accessible toilet. Car parking is close by, with disabled spaces available.

Please notify us beforehand if you fall under any of these categories and are unsure if you should visit, so we can make the appropriate accommodations.

Anyone: The game requires some physical activity, however most people should be able to complete the rooms without problems. We do advise that if you have any medical conditions that may be affected by the game, to let us know before you start playing. If you have any serious concerns, speak to your doctor.

You don’t need to have any particular level of knowledge or skill; the games are designed to welcome all kinds of people and while some enjoy the competition of getting the quickest time, it’s really just about having fun with your friends and trying something new, so don’t be worried if you don’t think you can do it, because you might surprise yourself!

Please note that in all these circumstances, it is up to the individual to determine whether the game is suitable for them. Escape Rooms Cheltenham is not liable for any incidents that may occur after not following our advice and instructions.

I struggle with anxiety/claustrophobia or similar and am worried about playing. How can you help me feel safe?

We try our hardest to make sure all our customers feel welcomed and safe during your time with us. If you suffer from anxiety, claustrophobia, or any other condition that may make you feel worried or scared when locked in the room, we can help in the following ways:

– We can see and hear everything you’re doing. We watch you playing using cameras throughout the game, so if you feel you need to leave then please say so. Equally if we see signs that you are not feeling happy about being in there, we may make our own judgement as to whether or not to unlock the door. This may not necessarily affect your play time, as it is up to you whether you want to stay/go back in the room. If you’d prefer not to, you can sit with us and watch the your group play the rest of the game.

– There’s an exit button in the room so you can escape anytime – Your GM will point this out to you before you start the game, but a button is located right next to the door that will release it – no need for codes.

– We’ll ask you before hand if everyone’s happy or ready – if you’re not, please speak up at this point and we’ll try and resolve any issues.

– We understand that players (particularly those playing for the first time) can still feel anxious about getting locked in a room, even though they don’t necessarily have a diagnosed condition that can cause this. We want our customers to know that we take all concerns seriously and will treat everyone with the same respect.

when can I book?

Our opening times are 5.15-6.45pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11am-6.45pm Thursday – Saturday, and 12-5.15pm on Sundays. We are closed Mondays. You can find our full availability here.

If there’s a particular time that we don’t currently offer but you’d really like to come, please phone us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


The King's Quest -Live Stream

70 Edinburgh Place, GL51 7SE Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Cheltenham, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

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This venue is not an official partner of Nowescape, and is not available for booking. For booking, proceed to the venue’s website, or search for other available escape rooms in your area.


We’re located just up the side of Iceland on the Coronation Square shopping strip. You can get either the A or F bus from Cheltenham town centre which will bring you straight to the square. We’re approximately a 15 minute walk from Cheltenham Spa train st

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Guests aged 13 and up can attend. Guests aged 8 - 12 can attend with adults.


This activity is deaf-friendly

Availability and prices

This venue is not an official partner of Nowescape, and is not available for booking. For booking, proceed to the venue’s website, or search for other available escape rooms in your area.