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Danielle S.
30 June 2018

Thank you SO much it was so much fun :)

Emily C.
24 June 2018

The Lady Chasity escape room was the first escape room I've ever participated in, and it was an absolutely great experience all round!! Every aspect of the game was created to a high quality, which made the game relatively challenging at times but did not fail to disappoint. The live actor added a personal and exciting touch. Incredibly enjoyable.

Richard W.
18 June 2018

The characters were incredible especially Gabriel!! the puzzles were fun and enjoyable more importantly we made it out with the prize. Will and have been recommending to my friends.

Charley R.
11 June 2018

Enthusiastically thrilling and creatively boggling. This was pitched just write to test the grey cells, but not bamboozle into oblivion. We loved the attention to detail and the host maintained character throughout to add to the atmosphere. Not recommended for anyone with a hearing loss as a lot relies on sound and you work in the dark with small torches, but there's a fair bit to work out by rummaging around the room nonetheless. Thank you very much for the experience - a great way to wile away an hour with friends.

Possible spoilers here: The bit with the ultra violet light - we would have liked some hand prints or something indicating where the trap door was as otherwise we wouldn't have found that (it was duct taped so looked broken and we didn't want to push it - especially as duct tape didn't fit the decor so it really did seem a fix rather than a hinge!)

Even those that could hear said they struggled with hearing the voice at times - would be great to have the words projected onto the wall for everyone but also beneficial to those with busted ears. Just an idea.

Torches were running low on juice!

Virginie B.
10 June 2018

We really had a good time!!! We finished just on time!!! 58mins 55sec! Very intense! Thank you Gabriel!! You are a good fella. We will recommend

Lyndon L.
10 June 2018

Great fun, would recommend to others

Jackie G.
09 June 2018


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