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Agent On Board

2 - 6 60 min 8 + 8 +

Harry Kuusik finds out that URG's double-agent is breaking from west to east on a cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn.

The double agent has stolen the blueprints of the nuclear bomb with his headquarters safe. Harry's job is to get the drawings back and liquidate the double agent.

Harry Kuusik travels at Holiday Linen M / S in Suvilla from Helsinki to Tallinn, following a double agent.

Harry breaks into the cabin and finds drawings of the nuclear bomb. When he's gone, Harry will be noticed. He escapes his cabin and sends a message to his headquarters, telling him to hide the drawings on the ship and leaving clues to his fellow colleagues behind him on the whereabouts of the drawings. Harry disappears.

The URG forces the shipping company to move the ship to the shipyard within 24 hours. Headquarters urgently needs agents to look for the drawings of the nuclear bomb hidden by Harry.

The world is in danger. The only way is to act before the enemy. Are you able to save your world with your agent group?

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