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Rigorous candidate selection, training and drills for months on end, a long and grueling flight to the orbit. Everything goes down the drain. No sooner had the airlock closed than the orbit delivery spaceship you came with undocked and set out on a journey home. Behind your back, there is nothing more than darkness and cold stretching over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Only a space station completely ruined by a disaster lies ahead of you. We have to make our way to the orbital module as quickly as possible. That’s our only chance to survive and come back to the Earth. All the systems are operating in the emergency mode, you have only one hour of air. Let’s get down to it!

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Maureen Meeus
14 September

Very logical, super service, super trip back to earth. Multiple rooms, a real must do if you are in Tallinn.

Julia Vassiljeva
03 September

Väga põnev! Ootamatu mängu lõpp. Alguses oli keeruline ja ei saanud kohe aru millest alustada. Muidu oli väga lōbus ja huvitav

Polina Khokhlacheva
27 August

Для первого раза очень интересно и познавательно. Игра продумана. Вас ждет приятный сюприз в конце игры.

Rocio Tome Gonzalez
19 August

Really funny. Maybe a little easy, so it's not recomended to experienced players. Really inmersive and the Game Master was really polite and nice

Kerstin Amelin
11 August 2019

Excellent, exceeding expectations. Technically well-designed and with very enjoyable and surprising bonus features.

Ketlin Oja
07 August 2019

Nice game worth a shot. Not actually flying in space what we thought but makes the team work well. Cool!

Artem Znoyko
01 August 2019

Квест идеально подойдет для двоих игроков. Задания интересные, не сильно сложные и предполагают взаимодействие двух участников. Необычные, в хорошем смысле слова, ощущения в конце гарантированы.

Alena Orgler
28 July 2019

It was a really great game. We enjoyed it a lot and the gamemadter was very friendly. The best room I've done so far. Definitely recommend doing this.

Jaanus Piip
24 July 2019

Ülesandeid võiks olla selles toas natukene rohkem kuid see ei tähenda, et põgenemistubade kontekstis poleks tegu just tehnilise lahenduse tõttu kõige erilisema ja meeldejäävama kogemusega.

22 July 2019

Perfect for two people! Me and my friend had a lot of fun. Suitable for beginners and experienced players. You will love the end!!! We definitely recommend The gravity!

15 July 2019

The gravity room was exciting and full of surprises. It was one of the best escape rooms I’ve ever done.

Elin Ljungvall
27 June 2019

We really enjoyed the room and all it’s parts! Few but hard puzzels. There was some parts of the game that was truly awesome. We had a great time and got great service from Hanna!

08 May 2019

Очень крутой квест, концовка бомба

06 May 2019

Fabulous quest, seemed quite an authentic experience. All three of us thought this was the best game we played so far (and we did many quests of different companies before). There also was a nice surprise at the end:) very creative and definitely a good team builder. Hanna was a great host.

01 May 2019

Отличный квест с максимальным погружением в тему



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