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2 - 6 60 min 15 + 15 +

Raipe is a singer in a Tampere’s uprising rock band Dööti Pois and an admired superstar known for his typical life of a rockstar: fans fainting around him, women and the liquor as a way of life. Lately Raipe has started to act strangely. Once so devoted and lively singer has missed a couple band practices and when he is around, he is absent-minded and the lyrics have been a little weird. Lust for ladies and liquor haven’t been the same.

Last saturday the band threw an amazing gig for their hometown. Raipe disappeared after the gig instead of coming to the band’s traditional after partys. The man has not been seen since then and the rest of the band members are worried. It’s yours and your groups task to enter the Dööti Pois’s rock spirited training house. Can you help the band members to find out what has happened to Raipe? Show must go on!

Nb! Escape room contains rock-styled humor so it is not recommended under 15 years of age.

Getaway Room Escape
Getaway Room Escape
+358 45 7877 9755
+358 45 7877 9755

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