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23 detsember 2016

One of the best I've played. This game is the closest I've found to the ones you play on the computer. Packed with puzzles. Great story, leads you though a fun game, very different to usual themes. Well organised, fantastically challenging in a variety of type of clues and puzzles. The whole team was active throughout the entire game. It's not an easy one but even if you don't complete the room you won't be disappointed there's so much to do - we wanted to go back and do stuff again which has to be a sign of great puzzles.

19 detsember 2016

Really enjoyed this one! Punch line is very clear and leads you all the way from beginning to the end. A lot of puzzles that are different and interesting. Quite different from other rooms in London. Highly recommended!

Audrey B.
26 november 2016

That was fun, and close. A great fun game to play, and if you like escape games this one will test you. First half is jam packed with codes to solve and things to find. Then it gently becomes a a case of solving puzzles (some of which are sneaky), then just when you think you are there, there's a twist with some very inventive brain teasers. It's low on tech, high on story and nothing feels like it's out of place. It's more than just escaping a room and you will need to work as a team. We only got our act together after about 20 minutes which is why our time ended up just 6 seconds from the building being demolished. Great fun and well worth a visit.

11 november 2016

A fun work day out - Each team tried to beat the other. We won! It's a good story (Book of Secrets), it's got clues, puzzles,things to find and it's really good fun. You get one hour (which seems to go fast) and you need to try and escape the room. Really enjoyed it, but it does test your brain and as a team.

Ludovico C.
07 november 2016

A fun, challenging escape room with high production values and lots to do within the time limit. The puzzles always take unexpected turns and require lots of lateral thinking. Would recommend to anyone who wants to try something different!

Peter J.
01 november 2016

Loved it - A packed hour of clues, puzzles and surprises. We were worn out, but luckily we got out before the building was demolished, but only just. Had a good feeling to it, good use of A/V without being too over the top on the tech. Fun, practical puzzles and some funny and neat twists. A very different story to a lot of other games which made for a nice change.

Sophie J.
31 oktoober 2016

A really fun new addition to London. You'll need a good range of skills to escape and the story is good with different challenges to solve along the way. Very welcoming, and fun - Good selection of clues and different types of puzzles and a lot of it too - without giving too much away the story does lead you through the game - we were worn out mentally by the end and missed escaping by 2 minutes (but there was only two of us) - Really good and innovative without relying on tech. Look forward to their next room - as we are not determined to beat these guys.

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