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Your eerie escape adventure brings you to a once bustling underground bar called ‘The Escapist’, run by the enigmatic Lavinia Carter in South Bermondsey. For along time Lavinia was a leading figure on the New Cross and Deptford arts scene. But now strange happenings and mysterious disappearances mean the bar has been shunned and now Lavinia herself seems to have gone missing.

Lavinia does have a habit of taking impromptu trips though… but something does seem different this time. Has her interest in her late grandfather got anything to do with her recent disappearance? Or will she turn up on the backpacker trail sipping a margarita?

It’s time to meet with mutual long-term friend Alfie who is trying to get the bar back to it’s former glory while she’s away. Can you figure out what’s been going on?


Find out what Lavinia is up to

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Robyn Penny Butcher
10 september 2019

My friends and I really enjoyed this experience. There was a narrative that you followed as you progressed which really made it fun and immersive.

19 juuni 2019

I really enjoyed the experience, puzzles were different and quite difficult. Host was amazing, We were very close to escaping.

05 märts 2019

This is absolutely brilliant. I can't recommend it highly enough!

23 veebruar 2019

It was a really good room, had a fantastic time! Would highly recommend.

Sinead Jackson
16 juuli 2018

Great team event, task just the right level of challenge. Good storyline too

Adrianna Charles
22 juuni 2018

Absolutely amazing. Brilliant experience. Atmosphere is set from the moment you enter . I would recommend it to everyone without a doubt!!! Thank you!!!

Steven Taylor
17 märts 2018

Had a really good time here. This was my 1st escape adventure and it was just at the right level, with some very challenging puzzles and some clever red herrings. We were kindly given a little extra time as it was a very quiet day and without that we would have failed. Lots to talk about afterwards. Would recommend without reservation.

Erica H. Denison
14 veebruar 2018

Great experience! Enjoyed the theme and puzzles and found the difficulty level just right. Thank you!

04 veebruar 2018

An immersive and challenging escape room. I wasn't sure what to expect since it was my first time but it turned out we all had an incredible evening of fun and excitement. Tho we failed to complete the task but still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Would recommend..

Lucy Holland
08 detsember 2017

Booked this for my niece's 18th birthday as she’s massively into escape rooms but we've never tried an escape room together. One of her friend too was with us. It was absolutely incredible and such good fun! We were three adults ranging from 18 - 33 and it took us about 58 minutes to find out what lavinia was up to. ;) Strongly recommend a visit because you're gonna enjoy both the theme and the set-up for sure.

Alisha Francis
06 detsember 2017

The game was sooo challenging. Definitely would do it another time.

30 november 2017

There are many things to figure out and keep you occupied. A thoroughly good escape experience. This was our third Escape experience as a group. Well run,good challenges, and an interesting theme. Would recommend a visit.

Joshua Harvey
27 november 2017

Loads of fun, challenging and well done! My first ever experience and I loved to bits. Did not know what to expect but it was just so much fun!!! I will definitely be back for more!

Aaron S
23 november 2017

Really enjoyed this one hour escape experience. Went as a group of 4, couldn't manage to escape the room but was great fun! It was our first time ever trying to escape room, would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try something new.

Leon Charlton
21 november 2017

I've been meaning to try one for a long time and this was better than I'd expected. brought my niece (age 18) to this. We had loads of fun.


The Escapist

8 Andrews Road, Hackney, London, Greater London, Inglismaa, Suurbritannia

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