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Major X Ploe-Shun

London, Suurbritannia
Star 4.91 (5)
Defuse an E.M.P. device and Save London
60 min
3 - 8 mängijat
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Agent November


Major X has sent us an E.M.P. device that will wipe out the Agency records – race the clock to solve his puzzles, defuse the device and save the Agency!

The Major has been abducted by an underground criminal organisation. He may be leaving us clues from the inside or he may have gone rogue and is feeding them information on us. All we know is if the EMP device goes off it will wipe out all our records and that would be a disaster!

Clues and useful items are hidden everywhere; find keys, passwords and codes, and enter them into the device to shut it down.

Explore real world environments in this immersive escape game experience, played live in the city. Your start location will be kept top secret until you have made a booking, but for now we can reveal that the closest London Underground stop is Euston station.

As this is an outdoor mission, sensible shoes are recommended, but the total waking distance will be less than 300 meters.

Can you think outside the box, work as a team and defuse the device?

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10 detsember 2018

A very exciting experience.

Jake W.
01 veebruar 2018

It really was a great team experience! Was challenging and fun. We had to work together and communicate to get out. Already looking to come back again to try another room!

Maddie B.
14 november 2017

Tasks were really engaging and require a good team work. We did this for a friends birthday and we all had an amazing time and would all definitely recommend it!

Lucas S.
10 november 2017

It was mine and my friends first time experience of an escape room and we just loved it. We had to find all the clues,keys and codes to defuse an EMP device to save the agency in only 120 minutes. This was both fun and breathtaking experience at a time.


What exactly is the Agent November Experience?

It's your chance to fulfil your childhood fantasy and become a secret agent.

Welcome to the agency. We will take you and your group of recruits on an adventure escape game experience you will never forget. We have a skilled team of agents with the ingenius cover story of being "Professional Actors."

These agents are highly trained and know how to ensure you and your recruits get the most exciting, timed puzzle solving experience London has to offer. We can provide a variety of missions, both indoor and outdoor to suit your groups needs.

You will need to put your heads together, work as a team and communicate to prevail. Are you the agent we have been waiting for?


Major X Ploe-Shun

Euston Rd, London NW1, UK
Camden, London, Greater London, England, Suurbritannia

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