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Escape the Cantina

Manchester, Suurbritannia
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60 min
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Escape the Cantina


After the destruction of an Imperial Warship important cargo was left drifting through space and was collected by scavengers. This cargo contained vital information and plans on the Imperial Armies latest weapon. You have one hour to recover these plans before you are captured. Your only help is the grumpy Cantina bartender......... but is he who he says he is?

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Escape the Cantina

Parkway, Longbridge Rd, Stretford, Manchester M17 1SN, UK
Trafford, Manchester, Greater Manchester, Inglismaa, Suurbritannia

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Jn 9 M60

head to Trafford park but stay in right hand lane A5081

go straight up to the Parkway roundabout

go left at roundabout

take 1st left (longbridge road)

BEC on the right

go right to get to the front of the building

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