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Escape rooms are a relatively new type of entertainment that combine puzzle-solving and storytelling in a live immersive environment.

They’re not video games, but if you’ve ever played an RPG video game in which you had to find clues and solve puzzles to advance through the game scenario, escape rooms are like live versions of those – ones in which you can touch and manipulate everything around you.

They’re not TV shows or movies, but if you’ve ever watched a an exciting adventure story or a suspenseful thriller or a complex murder mystery, escape rooms are like live versions of those – ones in which you get to take part.

Playing escape rooms will help you improve your critical thinking and problem solving abilities. They’re also great opportunities to practice your teamwork and communication skills. Most importantly, though, they’re fun!

The simple answer is “sometimes.” But they’re not all scary, and the description of the room will give you an idea of what to expect.

The cool thing about escape rooms is that – like video games, books, movies, and TV shows – they can be designed to tell just about any story you can imagine.

So, if you’re a fan of murder mysteries, there are escape rooms where you follow clues and figure out ‘who dunnit.’

If you like spy thrillers, you can find escape rooms where you decipher coded messages and defuse bombs.

And if you enjoy being scared in a safe environment, there are escape rooms to accommodate your specific interests, whether you like Saw or Hostel scenarios or you want to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Remember, escape room operators want you to enjoy your experience, so there’s no benefit for them in misleading you regarding how scary a room scenario is.

Although most escape games say they “lock you in a room” for an hour, you’re not really locked in. The fun is in overcoming challenges to find your way out. It’s a game – not an actual prison sentence.

The majority of escape rooms around the world are 60 minute games, although you’re usually required to arrive at least 15 minutes early, and sometimes there’s a debriefing afterwards, so you should plan to be at the facility for around an hour and a half.

Some escape games are as short as 30 minutes, and some are more like immersive theater productions that last a couple of hours. Each room description on Nowescape will tell you how long the game lasts.

The only way to change the date of a booking is to cancel the original reservation and then create a new one on the date you prefer. As long as you do this 24 hours or more before your original game time, the first charge on your credit card will be refunded, and the new charge will be processed. (Please note: some escape rooms do not allow cancellations. The cancellation policy for each individual room is stated on the checkout page, underneath the Finish Booking button.)

To cancel the original booking, select the “Manage this booking” button in your confirmation email.

You can cancel a booking by selecting the “Cancel This Booking” button in your confirmation email. As long as you do this 24 hours or more prior to your game time, the charge will be refunded to the credit card you used to make the purchase.

In some cases, certain escape rooms do not allow cancellations. This will be stated at the time of booking. The cancellation policy for each room is stated on the checkout page, underneath the Finish Booking button.

You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior to your game time with no penalty. The full amount you were originally charged, including any taxes and fees, will be refunded to the credit card you used to make the purchase.

Reservations cannot be cancelled within 24 hours of your game time.

A small number of escape rooms do not allow cancellations. This will be stated at the time of booking. The cancellation policy for each room is stated on the checkout page, underneath the Finish Booking button.

If you already created an account on Nowescape, log into your account and tap or click on your name in the upper right corner. In the dropdown menu, select “Bookings.” You can cancel your reservation from the Bookings screen.

If you do not have a Nowescape account, go to www.nowescape.com and use the yellow “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner to create one. Make sure you use the email address you used when you booked your room to create your account. Once you’ve created your account, tap or click on your name in the upper right corner and select “Bookings” from the dropdown menu. Your reservation should show up on the Bookings screen, where you will have the ability to cancel.

If you are still unable to find your reservation, contact Nowescape support at [email protected] and a member of our support team will help.

Sure! Just follow the reservation procedure for each room you’d like to play.

Nowescape does not currently have a shopping cart feature, so you’ll have to book each room individually for now.

That depends on the room.

Most escape games in the United States will combine two or more smaller groups in a slot and fill the room to maximum capacity, even if all the players aren’t together. Games in most other countries are more likely to offer private games, meaning people play only with their own groups, regardless of the room’s maximum capacity.

Unless the room listing states otherwise, all games listed on Nowescape are private.

Bookings can be made at the escape room facility, but as long as the room isn’t full, you can reserve one more spot on Nowescape for the fifth person.

If there are no more spots available at the time you’ve reserved, and it’s not within 24 hours of your game time, you can cancel your booking and reserve five spots in a game at another time.

Short answer? Although the escape room operator may be willing to accommodate the extra person, it’s not recommended.

Escape room operators set the maximum number of players for each room based upon the size of the room, the number of puzzles to be solved, and the maximum legal occupancy of their facilities.

Attempting to play a game with more than the maximum number of players can be frustrating and uncomfortable for everyone. The rooms are likely to be too crowded, and there will not be enough puzzles to keep everyone engaged. It’s just not as much fun.

Imagine you booked a restaurant table for four, but then someone brought along an extra person, and you had to make room for him at the table. Would it be possible? Sure. But it would be a lot less comfortable for everyone.

Nowescape wants everyone to have the best experience possible, so we do not allow more than the maximum number of players to book a room.

Corporate invoices are available via email. Just email a request with your company’s data to [email protected], and you will receive your invoice within two business days.

First, we recommend determining what types of room themes appeal to you. Look over the room titles in your area and see which ones fit your particular interests (murder mystery, spy thriller, prison break, horror, etc.).

Then take a look at each room’s score, ranking, and reviews. The escape rooms listed on Nowescape are ranked by real players – people just like you. So you’re getting the best recommendations possible through their feedback and experiences.

You will not need any outside items to play your escape game. In fact, many escape rooms require players to put their personal belongings in a locker before entering the room, so it’s better not to take anything you don’t absolutely need.

Escape rooms are a fun, relaxed form of entertainment, so you don’t need to dress up.

You will be moving around a lot, and (depending on the room theme) you might have to crawl or climb or participate in other physical activities. So it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable that gives you a wide range of motion.

Most women who have played escape rooms before will recommend that you avoid high heels and short skirts or dresses. We concur.

Escape games are meant to be challenging, so don’t give up too quickly! If you really get stuck, though, there will be some kind of system in place for requesting a hint. You won’t be given the solution to a puzzle, but generally the game master will point you in the right direction.

You should receive instructions before the game begins on how to request a hint. Take note of how many hints you’re allowed and whether there are any penalties for asking for one. Some games offer unlimited hints, while others may give you only three or add a certain number of minutes to your final score for each hint you request.

Regardless of how stuck you get, don’t worry – you will be let out of the room at the end of your game.

You can do that on your final booking screen.

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