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Escape rooms · Glasgow
Escape room

The Citadel

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Find a way to save the Captain and yourselves!
60 min
2 - 7 players
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Catch 22 Rooms


Pirates attack your ship's crew.

Can you get to the safety of

The Citadel and call for help?

The Gulf of Aden is beautiful, but dangerous.

We took every possible precaution to protect our precious cargo. But it wasn’t until we saw that skiff speeding through the midnight ocean, heard the clatter of armed pirates boarding our vessel, smelt the steel of their guns as they pushed us into the storage room – that was when we realised what was really valuable on the ship.

They’ve taken the Captain to negotiate the ransom… But these handcuffs are a little loose… maybe one of us can get through to The Citadel and call for help...

We haven’t got long, but we have got hope, brains and a better knowledge of the ship than these pirates.

Can we find a way to save the Captain and ourselves?

Citadel is a game that will test your teamworks ability, test their clue finding skills and problem solving capabilities.

Using your intelligence and determination,

you must solve the puzzles and decipher clues in order to find the key to unlock the door.

Ah but!!!... only have 60 minutes and the clock is ticking.

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The Citadel

Redhouse Lane Communications, 144 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5LQ, UK
Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Guests aged 15 and up can attend. Guests aged 6 - 14 can attend with adults.

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