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Dark Mind – Vr Game

2 - 4 60 min 16 + 16 +
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Can you as a team of doctors help the police and save the life of a little child? A psychopath has abducted the girl and hidden her somewhere, after which he has fallen into a coma. To find the girl, you must delve into the dark mind of the criminal and find the secret of her hiding place. As the psychopath is dying, you have only one hour to find access to his memories and save the child. On this journey, your team of experts will be able to fly right into the abysses of a troubled mind and work miracles together.

Dark Mind is a virtual escape room game. You will use the most modern, fascinating devises to move in virtual space, while solving puzzles with your hands and discerning minds.

Warning! If you have a deep fear of snakes or spiders, you might not feel comfortable playing this game. Because of instances with flashing light, we also do not recommend it to those with a tendency for epilepsy.

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Escape Room Helsinki
Escape Room Helsinki
010-323 57 32
010-323 57 32

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