Escape The Curse Of King Anum Show Video 4.9 (7)

Make it out of the pyramid alive!

2 - 6 60 min 8 + 8 + Difficulty: Difficulty

October 1906 - a team of archaeologists start the excavation of King Anum deep within the pyramids of Egypt.

In the process an evil curse is released and the whole team of archaeologists die!

No one has since even gotten close to the cursed Tomb of King Anum.

Rumour has it that the archaeologists were in fact looking for a hidden treasure deep within the tomb - a red coloured stone believed to be the heart of King Anum.

It was believed to bring much wealth, but once separated from King Anum, the curse is released. In a race against time, your task is to make it out of the pyramid alive!

The heart is in the chest of King Anum, now a Mummy locked within the tomb!

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Based on 7 reviews

Francis K Rating 4.75
2018-02-04 18:43:24

I would recommend this room to any small group of friends . Very challenging theme that totally exceeded our expectations.

Cox Bradly
Cox Bradly Rating 4.75
2017-12-08 13:19:49

We were a group of 6 friends and for some of the people it was their first experience with an escape room, but everybody enjoyed it. Definitely one to recommend for anyone looking for a team building activity. This one totally requires it. And about the stuffs, they were really welcoming,friendly and supportive as well. Cheers!!

Dy Slater
Dy Slater Rating 5
2017-12-03 17:25:18

If you are an escape gamer this is a must try room. Exceeded all my expectations. Definitely suggest it for something different to do in London. The theming is great and the attention to detail and humor of the staff is very well. I’ll certainly be returning for the other games.

Joe Rating 4.5
2017-11-23 14:02:42

Amazing day out with cousins. Exciting from the very begging. Would recommend it to everyone. Good fun!!!

Louis O'Connor
Louis O'Connor Rating 5
2017-11-20 17:14:48

We were a family of 5 and this was our very first time we have done an escape room together. We liked the mission and had a great time. The guys there were super friendly and supportive. Enjoyed a lot and Will be back soon to try out the other game. Nice place for a trip with the family or friends.

Alex Norman
Alex Norman Rating 5
2017-11-15 16:13:06

Very challenging concept indeed. I was too excited since this was my very first escape room. I'm so pleased that I will definitely be doing more of them!

Jake B
Jake B Rating 5
2017-11-11 12:33:34

Absolutely nail biting experience trying to make it out of the pyramid alive. Fantastic theme. Just loved it and would highly recommend it to any small group of friends.

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