Escape The Theatre 4.9 (2)

Find a way out of the locked theater

8 - 30 45 min 12 + Difficulty: Difficulty

You are a VIP guest attending a film premiere taking place in an exclusive 300 seat cinema in the heart of Westminster. As one of just 30 guests, you have been invited in early to hear the Director talk about the making of the film – ‘The Image of Sarah’.

You take your front row seats when suddenly the lights in the cinema go out! An announcement is made asking all guests to stay seated and remain calm! The lights are restored but the power has tripped and the doors to the cinema remain locked.

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Fun for money

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Abigail Nicholls
Abigail Nicholls Rating 4.75
2018-02-24 19:12:28

Went there as group of 15 work colleagues on a team building activity. We would absolutely recommend this to anyone. The challenge was brilliant and so much better than we could of expected.

Amber Fa
Amber Fa Rating 5
2018-02-21 17:15:09

Very atmospheric and just the right amount of difficulty. From the minute we arrived until we escaped, we had a truly immersive and enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend this room. Everything was done incredibly well.

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