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Lady Chastity's Reserve - Four Thieves (Room 1), Clapham Very good: 4.8 4.4 Use of technology 5 Immersion 4.9 Service 4.8 Fun for money (23)

2 - 6 60 min 18 + 18 +
Very good: 4.8 4.4 Use of technology 5 Immersion 4.9 Service 4.8 Fun for money (23)

This immersive experience challenges you and friends with an hour of hilarious clue solving as you attempt to win Chastity's fabled aphrodisiac wine. Win and wet your whistle, or fail and wet your pants.

Organised by:
Handmade Mysteries
Handmade Mysteries
0207 8673736
0207 8673736

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RECENT REVIEWS OF Lady Chastity's Reserve - Four Thieves (Room 1), Clapham ESCAPE ROOM

Summary Rating 4.8
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 23 reviews

Jennifer Dark Rating
13 December 2018

We absolutely loved the escape rooms, it was challenging, fun, exhilarating and infuriating all at the same time. I would definitely recommend

Caroline Rating
6 December 2018

We had a fantastic evening out for a work social, and I would definitely recommend it. Our host was absolutely hilarious, he stayed in character (which was slightly creepy with loads of hilarious innuendo) the entire time. Tough game, and the time flies!

Amy Todd Rating
14 November 2018

Booked both rooms for a work social, thoroughly enjoyed! The actors were great and the set up was really detailed, well thought out and effective!

Hollie Weatherstone Rating
28 October 2018

Really fun! Liked the recorded clues and Gabrielle was hilarious

Priya Shah
Priya Shah Rating
22 October 2018

EPIC. We had such great fun and it was genuinely spooky and very theatrical! Absolutely brilliant. Thank you!

Thomas Fluzin
Thomas Fluzin Rating
2 October 2018

Absolutely fantastic and Gabriel was perfect. Simply an amazing & immersive escape room with a great atmosphere!!

Megan Fennell
Megan Fennell Rating
1 October 2018

This was a really fun and affordable game which was challenging but also had quite diverse challenges so everyone on the team got fully involved. Gabriel was a great host with great hair, and very patient with us. Thanks!

Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown Rating
29 September 2018

Lots to fun, challenging puzzles!

Oliver Cook
Oliver Cook Rating
26 September 2018

A great set-up. We didn't finish the challenge but had a great time nonetheless! Our host (Sam) was in character throughout and we really enjoyed her interventions. The back-story and set-up cannot be faulted. Some let downs with the tech that delayed us, but I don't want to review how/what on here. Throughly recommended, and we will be back!

Cherrelle Lawrence
Cherrelle Lawrence Rating
21 September 2018

Would definitely recommend this escape room! All the girls had a great time!

Zoe Jenkins Rating
17 September 2018

great day out with friends, something a bit different but amazing fun!

Idan Dekel
Idan Dekel Rating
31 August 2018

Great immersion, with impressive set pieces and Ms Gabriel doing a great job at keeping the fun while running the game.

On the negative side, I can mention an overuse of padlocks, puzzles that don't always make sense or feel integrated in the room's settings, and having to rely too much on Ms Gabriel to interpret Lady Chastity's sayings (either because the volume was too low or because she was too cryptic).

Still, good fun was had by all.

Jason Draper
Jason Draper Rating
27 August 2018

Had great fun trying to solve the puzzle - sadly, we didn't, but we shall be back again to give it another go!

Reka Vecsernyes
Reka Vecsernyes Rating
25 August 2018

The whole mystery solving is lots of fun and the actors are amazing. The sound was a little too quiet and some clues should have been easier. But over all great fun!

Suren Sathiaraj
Suren Sathiaraj Rating
4 August 2018

Had a fantastic time! Our host was amazing, she helped us in sticky situations. Managed to escape with a bottle of wine!

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Summary Rating
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 23 reviews