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Operation BlackSheep 4.9 (3)

3 - 5 60 min 15 + Difficulty: Difficulty

Professor BlackSheep, Mr Q's arch nemesis,has been scheming and plotting against our agency and the whole of mankind. The Professor has built and launched a satellite into Earth’s orbit, capable of controlling all human minds.

You and your team will be sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate into the Professor’s command center, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes in order to destroy the satellite once and for all. ...

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Use of technology
Fun for money

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Keith V
Keith V Rating 5
2018-02-28 18:07:27

My sister took me nd my brother here as a my birthday present and I loved it. What a great experience. Our host was amazing. Even though we know how to destroy the satellite now since we managed to escape before, I’d still love to do it again. Very well done..

Erika Rating 4.75
2018-02-21 17:10:10

Great story and brilliantly executed. Loved this room!!

Reece Wt
Reece Wt Rating 5
2018-02-16 18:06:41

This was such a fun experience. Fantastic story and the tasks were really well thought out and difficult enough to feel really rewarding when completed. Would definitely recommend.

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