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Pharaoh's Chamber - A Cursed Tomb 5.0 (1)

3 - 7 60 min 16 + 16 + Difficulty: Difficulty

You have successfully passed through all the 12 black hell gates. You are deep in the heart of pyramid - Pharaoh Khufu's chamber. You are the 100th raider of this tomb; the 99 who have come before you are believed to have perished in the chamber though no bodies have been found. It has been rumoured that their souls have been sucked into Khufu's tomb to act as his guards for eternity.

This chamber is cursed; all who remain in it after 60 minutes will die. You have 1-hour to find the treasure...

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kristy eros
kristy eros Rating 5
2018-02-28 18:05:29

A great challenge, and a quality environment. Going to book this room again with a different group soon!!

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