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Plan52 4.8 (3)

3 - 5 60 min 15 + Difficulty: Difficulty

PLAN52 is one of our top secret locations from where our spies run their covert operations. However, something terrible has happened: four of our agents who were stationed there have vanished without a trace. We have proof that this was the work of a double agent. Furthermore, Mr Q suspects that the evil Professor BlackSheep helped the double agent to cover his tracks. ...

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Based on 3 reviews

Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey Rating 4.5
2018-02-24 19:17:38

Nice experience! Spent a good time with two of my friends :)

Carr Rating 5
2018-02-18 19:23:24

I'd definitely recommend this room. Our host was very welcoming which made the event even more enjoyable. The escape room was cleverly planned. Really worth the money and would go again to try the other escape rooms they have.

Ethan Bent
Ethan Bent Rating 5
2018-02-15 17:12:09

Brilliant concept. Very challenging but ofcourse achievable. Went there with three of my friends and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Recommended..

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