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Poppa Plock's Wonky Workshop - The Depot (Room 2), Islington Show Video 4.8 (2)

Build 'Roy', the finest toy to ever walk the earth

2 - 6 60 min 18 + 18 + Difficulty: Difficulty

This bonkers escape room game takes place within secret rooms of The Depot pub in Islington, guaranteed to provide you and your team with a whole lot of fun and silliness as you take on the 60 minute challenge of the twisted toy-maker Poppa Plock. Guided by Oki, the outrageous ventriloquist dummy, your team must complete Plock's penultimate creation by taking on the crazy clues, contraptions and characters within.

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Emily Manning Rating 4.75
2018-10-06 08:16:25

Really really fun experience! The guy stayed really well in character and was really immersive. A little scary but really interesting and fun. Definitely recommend it.

Antony Kennedy
Antony Kennedy Rating 5
2018-05-06 17:44:10

The venue was confusing, since it was closed for a wedding, and communications around that weren't great. Our host was about 10 minutes late too.

Those are all the negatives. Our host Gemma was absolutely hilarious, and played the part perfectly. The story was great. The puzzles are a little overwhelming - there's a lot going on, but we got there. A great room.

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