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Professor Oxford's Experiments Good: 4.6 4.3 Use of technology 4.7 Immersion 4.6 Service 4.7 Fun for money (10)

3 - 6 60 min 10 + 8 +
Good: 4.6 4.3 Use of technology 4.7 Immersion 4.6 Service 4.7 Fun for money (10)

During the game, you will travel 100 years back in time. You will find yourself locked up in Professor Oxford’s house who is part of a larger, evil organisation. Meet the professor, find the portal and use his time machine to escape from his mad experiments and come back to the present. (This escape room is based on Escape Land’s original game: Escape from the Age of Steampunk. There are a lot of similarities between these two escape games, please only book if none of the players in the team has played that room in the past.)

A mad professor is doing dangerous experiments in his home and when an accident happens players travel back in time and get trapped in the past. They have one hour to escape the room before the rest of the scientists arrive for their weekly meeting.


Strength in numbers

Just one more person in your team can make a huge difference. So many groups who didn’t make it out in time were actually very close to finishing the game and to open the exit door. One extra person can easily make the escape 5-10 minutes quicker.

Be persistant

If you believe that you have a solution to a game but the code that you have got doesn’t open any locks, it can be worthwhile to double check your solving. Never give up, some games can take a while to figure out.

It's a team game

Share your findings with your team – cooperate and listen to each other. Ask for help from your mates if you find a riddle too difficult or challenging.

Look at objects from every angle

When you search for clues, try to be as thorough as an airport security guard. Grab everything, turn things around. The answer to a puzzle can be in your hand, you might be just looking at it from the wrong angle. Have a good eye for details.


What have/haven’t you used? What have/haven’t you solved? Have a strategy for dealing with finds. Separating used clues from unused ones can make things a lot easier in the long run.

Use the walkie talkie

Many escape rooms provide walkie talkies for players to help them through more complex puzzles if needed. Your captors will happily give you clues along the way but it works both ways. Ask for a clue if you feel you’ve tried everything and need a little push to move further in the game.

Is there an age limit for the game?

Players of all ages are welcome, however, some of the games are more complex and require the combinational skills of an adult. Our escape room is recommended for 16 year olds or above. If there are children in your group, it’s advised to have at least 2 adults with them.

Is it possible for 2 teams to race against each other at the same time in two rooms?

Yes, it is possible. The groups can play at the same time (in 2 different rooms). We can change the starting time of the games for you so that both team could start at the same time. Please let us know if you are looking to book to parallel games. An Example: You can book the Professor Oxford’s Experiments room for 6 pm and the Da Vinci’s Exploration room for 6:30 pm. In this case both games can start at 6:00 pm (or 6:30 pm).

What time should I arrive to the game and how long does it last exactly?

Please try to show up only 5 minutes earlier than your booking time. If you come earlier than that, other groups can spoil the experience for you. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and pubs in the area to spend some time before your game starts. We’d like to avoid delays for groups coming after you so please don’t be late. If you are late for more than 10 minutes of the original starting time of your booking, then the length of your session might gets reduced. There is an instruction before the game as well, the whole experience can last up to 75 minutes. If you are quick, it can be less than an hour.

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Escape Land Oxford Street
Escape Land Oxford Street

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RECENT REVIEWS OF Professor Oxford's Experiments ESCAPE ROOM

Summary Rating 4.6
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 10 reviews

Natasha Smith Rating
2018-06-01 06:12:16

A great hour well spent. Challenging enough yet not too hard to be frustrating and zap the fun out! Would definitely recommend.

Lili Rating
2018-02-04 18:49:50

Made it out in the very last minute. Went there with my family. It was really fun. And about the staffs, they were so helpful nd friendly to us :)

Formidable Rating
2017-12-20 13:27:07

Awesome hour of fun for the team Xmas day out. Everyone very satisfied as we solved each problem

Godfrey Rating
2017-12-07 12:38:42

A great fun and challenging experience that leaves you wanting more. The hosts are very welcoming.
Took both my son(11) and daughter(13) with me and it was very suitable for us as a family. Took us about 58 minutes to complete the task. Loved it

Victoria Fi
Victoria Fi Rating
2017-12-01 17:19:33

I've recently been getting into escape rooms - this is my third.
Had a nice time. Our host, setting and game was good. Best for a team consists of 4-5 people.

Elizabeth Rating
2017-11-29 15:31:49

One word "Excellent". Just loved it!!!

Paige Francis
Paige Francis Rating
2017-11-25 15:27:59

Went there with two of my friends. Couldn't manage to make it in time. 60 minutes seems a little bit short for this.
But I still recommend this room. Because of their service and the story. The staff were helpful and welcoming as well.
Will be definitely visiting again!

Jasmine Metkelf
Jasmine Metkelf Rating
2017-11-19 14:11:16

It was the first time we have ever been or done an escape room. One of the best way to spend an hour with your friends or family. It was really fun for the whole family.

M Turnel
M Turnel Rating
2017-11-16 14:31:43

A fun and challenging escape room. I wasn't sure what to expect since it was my first time but it turned out we all had an incredible evening of fun. Went with a group of five and really enjoyed ourselves. Made it out in 53 minutes. Great escape experience with a fun narrative. Would recommend to everyone who haven't visit any escape rooms yet.

Luka Mellor
Luka Mellor Rating
2017-11-12 10:40:08

We actually felt like we got trapped in the past. Nice atmospheric location. One hour might not be enough to actually escape the room. But me and my team managed to do that anyways. Lots of fun!

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Summary Rating
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 10 reviews