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Secret Studio

London, United Kingdom
Star 4.75 (2)
60 min
3 - 6 players
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Couple, Family, Friends
Movies and games, With actors
With actors
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Escape In Time


There are three flavours of Secret Studio: ‘Difficult’, ‘Impossibly Difficult’ and (coming soon) ‘The Sequel’ - for returning players’. There’s no easy option. Less than 50% of people escape in time on their first attempt. If you’re an experienced escape-gamer you might like to select ‘Impossibly Difficult’. Otherwise we strongly recommend you go for the easiest version. Which is, of course, Difficult!

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Brandon S.
01 March 2018

An excellent brain teaser. We had a fantastic time testing the mind at secret studio! Our games master was amazing and explained everything so well and gave us the perfect amount of support. Would highly recommend it!

Courtney F.
27 February 2018

If you think you really work well as a team at work or somewhere else, wait till you try secret studio. This really tested our team effort..


What is Secret Studio?

Secret Studio is an exciting retro-themed mystery escape game! ‘I don’t know what on earth that means’, we hear you say. Well here’s what happens…

You and your friends/family are locked inside the headquarters of ‘Secret Studio Films’, a (fictional) down-at-heel schlock movie production office that hasn’t seen a lick of paint since 1979.

You have an hour to solve the puzzles inside the room and unlock the mystery to escape! You’ll start by searching, seeing what you can find and how things fit together to make sense.

The retro technology will delight you along the way – a journey back in time for the younger players (‘how did people used to manage in the old days?!’) and a trip down memory lane for Mum and Dad (marvel at your teen’s attempts at the dial phone!) You work together as a team to try and beat the clock.

There are also spooky scary bits and a few surprises in store… we don’t want to say much about these because that would ruin the surprise thing but we can accommodate the jumpy ones among you – see ‘Who can do it?’

You’ll have fun! We can (practically) guarantee it! And that’s all we can really tell you for now. That’s why it’s called SECRET Studio…

Who can do it?

Most people can experience Secret Studio.

Children aged fourteen or over are welcome. We do ask that each team has at least one person over sixteen.

All team members need to be able to understand and read English.

There is the odd surprise! Let us know when you arrive if you really don’t like shocks, and we’ll tailor the experience.

Also tell us if you’re claustrophobic; we should be able to make it work for you.

There is no excessively physical activity.

To solve the mysteries at least one team member needs reasonably good eyesight.

Although we play music and effects, audio is not essential to the experience.

We do have wheelchair access, but are only able to accommodate 1-2 wheelchair users at a time. We’re very embarrassed about this.

How many can play?

Any group of between 3 and 25 people can play at the same time.

We have 4 rooms. Each room is designed for up to 6 players (one room can fit 7 at a squeeze). So larger groups split into teams and race!

Don’t worry, nobody else will be in your room(s), so you won’t be playing with strangers.

If there’s more than 25 of you, you can play consecutively. We’ll keep track of your times so it’s still a fair race! AND we can arrange for the first group to sit with the GamesMaster and watch on spycam while the second group plays. This is a great laugh. But you will need to think of something for your second group to be doing while the first group plays – they can’t watch because it will spoil the surprise!

To book for more than 25 players, let us know on the contact form.


Secret Studio

Museum St, London WC1A 1LY, UK
London Borough of Camden, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Availability and prices

This venue is not an official partner of Nowescape, and is not available for booking. For booking, proceed to the venue’s website, or search for other available escape rooms in your area.


How do I get there?

Secret Studio’s exact location is a highly guarded secret. But here’s a clue or two…

We’re on Wentworth Street, London, E1 7SA, a stone’s throw from Brick Lane.

The studio is a few minutes walk from Aldgate East Underground station a

What else need to know

Who can come

Guests aged 14 and up can attend.

Availability and prices

This venue is not an official partner of Nowescape, and is not available for booking. For booking, proceed to the venue’s website, or search for other available escape rooms in your area.