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The Heart of Covent Garden 5.0 (2)

Solve a mysterious crime

3 - 15 90 min 12 + 7 + Difficulty: Difficulty

This is NOT an escape room! It is an interactive performance.

It's a fairytale promenade. The story about the hearts of houses. You will learn about this kind of magic. Who lives behind the black window? How can we understand goblins and who can help us solve the magical case?

What is the promenade performance? It’s an interactive audio tour. Everyone will be given headphones and our actor will bring the magic to the performance. You will meet peculiar people who will tell you exciting things about this city. You will help solve a mysterious crime and dance in the streets of Covent Garden.

If you want to find the child inside yourself join us!

Promenade performance is an active journey. Please, be prepared for this.

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Greta Rating 5
2018-01-31 13:59:55

It was an incredible adventure! I've been on the other side of the city. If you want to remember your travel for a long time or to become a part of London – you have to visit Heart of Covent Garden.

Ron Rating 5
2018-01-31 13:47:08

It was a real adventure for me and my friends! If you think you know almost everything about these streets, this performance will show you London from new and very interesting side. I recommend to visit Heart of Covent Garden to citizens and tourists as well.

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