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The Penitentiary 4.8 (27)

You know your only goal is to escape

4 - 7 60 min 16 + 12 + Difficulty: Difficulty

One of the most infamous serial killers in American history, Water White, AKA the “Night Stalker,” was reported dead of natural causes last year. According to rumours, another prisoner had discovered a mysterious machine in the cell of “Night Stalker”, and he then disappeared a few days later. You wake up one day, and find yourself locked in a cramped cell. You are cold and alone. Silence surrounds you. Suddenly, you realize this is the mysterious cell where the “Night Stalker” died. You heart is pounding . No matter if this is a game, you know your only goal is to escape.


Omescape has been a global leader in Live Escape Games since 2012. Our objective is to design and create the best escape room experience in the world where players work as a team to explore, find clues, solve puzzles and mysteries to beat the clock. Our Escape Games in London is sure to boggle your mind with an experience full of thrill and adventure. With movie-like sets, professionally designed puzzles, high tech props and automation, Omescape is bringing Live Escape Game in London to a whole new level. Over 30 branches have already been opened across Asia, America and Australia and now Omescape comes to the UK with its best escape rooms. Omescape Escape Room London can be a real time fun with people from all age groups and any social cycle.


Originating from video games, in a Live Escape Game you are locked in a room or a series of rooms where , with your team members, you need to explore and find clues/items to solve puzzles in order to escape within the time limit of one hour. With movie like sets , professionally designed puzzles and high tech props, Omescape is bringing the Live Escape Game to a whole new level. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!


We think so! The games are an exciting race against the clock to escape in time. If you like the satisfaction of solving puzzles and working together in a team to complete a task, you’ll like our Live Escape Games. A lot of our customers also find it brings them closer together and they remember it for a long time after.


Yes of course. Your game master will monitor your progress and will provide hints when you need. However please be aware that in order to be counted as a winner you can only ask a limited amount of hints (varies by game).


All our games have good size rooms with a reasonable ceiling height. Players are also free to exit the rooms at any time during the game. If requested, we can also keep the entrance door to the room open. Speak to any member of our team if you have any concerns.


Food and drink are NOT allowed in the game and alcohol is strictly forbidden. If we are seeing alcoholic behaviour we will reserve the right to turn the team member away and no refund will be given.

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Based on 27 reviews

Joe Justice Rating 5
2018-06-25 23:13:57

Fantastic escape room very well prepped well thought out we thoroughly enjoyed our time

Savvannah Rating 4.75
2018-06-22 15:53:42

Went for my leaving party, everyone loved it. Highly recommend

Aliasgar Essaji Rating 5
2018-06-20 11:02:09

Very fun!

Sarah Stone Rating 4.5
2018-06-17 17:33:27

What a fun way to spend an hour with three friends! The Penitentiary was perfect for four people. We managed to get out within 7 minutes - and felt very proud of ourselves. The puzzles were carefully constructed, well thought-through yet solvable (with a little help from our Game Master, Jack) We're already talking about which one to do next.

Jonathan Linnane Rating 5
2018-06-04 13:12:26

A great experience with a very immersive game. We will be back to take on another challenge

Darcy Lewis Rating 5
2018-06-04 11:31:50

Really good experience! Fun and worth the money

mohaned jassem Rating 5
2018-05-31 06:05:20

Amazing, already planning the return!

Josie Archer Rating 5
2018-05-28 10:30:56

We had so much fun trying to escape and really enjoyed the experience. Ja’cint made it all the more better - we look forward to coming back again soon!

Anne-sophie Zaslavoglou Rating 5
2018-05-28 10:25:55

I organised this escape room as a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday! We chose the penitentiary as we were 6 people! Brilliant 60 minutes although some of the puzzles are quite difficult to solve without having extra clues.. We particularly liked the fact that there were multiple rooms with some with cells, lasers... I highly recommend this escape room to anyone! Very friendly staff!

Wesley Morris Rating 4.25
2018-05-28 10:21:11

A great experience, would gladly recommend to anyone

Jonathan Rating 5
2018-05-10 13:40:13

Had a really good time, really racked our brains which made solving the puzzles that much more satisfying! Would highly recommend.

Matt Rating 4.5
2018-05-09 16:24:23

Awesome. Great day out. Took 6 12 year olds and they. Loved it

N r Rating 4.25
2018-05-06 18:06:45

Very fun experience with the family.

Gareth Price Rating 5
2018-04-30 18:57:20

Awesome time, had an absolute laugh and the staff were sound joining in the banter a little as well.

Sharon So Rating 4.75
2018-04-17 14:28:57

Had a great time with friends

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