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Psycho - The Story Of The Old Mental Health Clinic

2 - 6 60 min 8 + 8 +

You are a group of journalists whose aim is to solve the enigmatic story of an old mental health clinic. This small Hoitola was specialized in researching mental health patients and developing innovative treatment methods. One day, the inspectors appeared on an unannounced inspection visit to the care center in question. To their great surprise, the only discovery there was the body of the doctor and the signs of violence associated with it.

The investigation of the case has been partly hampered by the fact that the research documents have disappeared after the event. The case has remained unresolved until these days.

Now you have a unique opportunity to try to figure out this mystery. You have all the materials you can find at the venue and maybe more What has happened at the hospital? Who has murdered a doctor? Is the factor still free and where have the patients been affected?

You step into the room and suddenly the door closes behind you. Time goes on you have an hour!

Fobia Room Escape
Fobia Room Escape
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+358 044 2425 855

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