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Escape room

The Parc

2 - 6 60 min 16 + 14 +

PHASE ONE OUTBREAK Divider Deadly virus outbreaks have simultaneously broken out all over the world. Scientists at the Pandemic Avoidance Research Centre (PARC) have been working tirelessly hoping to find a cure.

With almost 80% of the worlds population infected, the virus is spreading unlike anything we have ever seen before.

PHASE TWO CAPTURE Divider You have been captured by research scientists working for the PARC hoping to find a way to stop the spread of the virus. Regular antidote appears to be having no affect in eliminating the destructive and violent symptoms.

With still little idea how the virus is spreading from person to person, the scientists’ only hope is to perform tests on live human subjects.

PHASE THREE ESCAPE Divider Two weeks have passed since your capture. The relentless screams from the room you can only see labelled as 'The Laboratory' made you quickly realise you need to escape.

There was an emergency at the other side of the building and the staff have gone. Will you make it out in time?

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07375 417755


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