Escape rooms in Paernumaa for 5 people

Recent reviews of escape rooms in Paernumaa

Mari M.
07 January 2019

Kõik oli oodatust lõbusam ja huvitavam. Teenindus oli super. Eriti äge oli see, et juba uksest sisse astudes algas elamus pihta. Soovitan kõigile :)

Sirve L.
05 January 2019

See oli super lihtsalt. Kõik see tossu täis tuba ja pimedas kobamised kuna kõigil polnud taskulampe.... See oli lahe kui pisikesest august pidime allapoole pommidega kaetud ruumi sisenema ja siis pärast uuesti välja tagasi, et uus väljapääs leida.

30 December 2018

Firefighters escape room was very fun and probably the best escape room where I have erver been.

Jyrki V.
15 October 2018

Challenging but certainly worh of trying

06 October 2018

Tore ja parajalt raske oli :)

Maiken M.
30 August 2018

The room was a straight-forward search and find -type of room, with some cool elements. It was one of the easier rooms I've been to. A storyline would have been nice, now we just arrived and we were put in the room straight away without a backstory. All-in-all, a rather dull room.

Talvi K.
27 August 2018

Väga vinge tuba ;) sai ikka korralikult ajusid ragistada :)

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