The Conspiracy

Челтенем - 70 Edinburgh Pl, GL51 7SE, Глостершир, Великобритания
60 мин
2 - 6 игроков
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Escape Rooms Cheltenham


Available July and August only

July 1969: Man first lands on the moon.

July 2019: Man first invents the time machine.

After 50 years of speculation as to whether the moon landing really happened, you decide to test out your time machine for the first time to travel back to 1969 and answer answer the question once and for all!

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Emily Startup
23 Августа

This was a great level game for adults and children working as a team. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Heather C McNeill
20 Августа

A great experience, an hour of fun with an amazing sense of accomplishment at the end. Highly recommend.

Sophie Predgen-Lay
17 Августа

Went as a group of 6 for a joint birthday party and had a great time!! Was rated moderate difficulty and completed in less than half the time which was great as we were pretty high up the record board! Looking forward to a harder difficulty soon!

Glyn Thomas
16 Августа

Excellent fun, enjoyed by everyone. First time using this venue, will return when theme changes. Friendly and helpful staff, well thought out room and experience

Kenneth Wilson
15 Августа

As first timers my granddaughter and I did struggle to solve the problems as you do have to think hard. We did enjoy it.

Fiona Embra
13 Августа

Excellent only thing I would do is add more props and add a bit more atmosphere even if there isn't any atmosphere on the moon. Will be back.

Tantse Walter
11 Августа

Smaller than other room escapes I've been to (it's just one room not a series of rooms) but still fun! Clue penalties should be more than 1 minute/limited to X amount of clues. Will return when the theme changes :-)

James Herbert
09 Августа

Great laugh, challenging, a few clues needed to get out. Will be back for the new one in September!

Ruth Devery
03 Августа

Great trip - difficult but still fun. A great start to a night out with friends and good value for money

Elisa Jordan
01 Августа

Fab, fun and fantastical moon landing experience! One for the whole family to get involved in. Great to get out in time too!

Kelly Jones
28 Июля

I booked this as a birthday present for my friend we’d never done anything like this before but We all really enjoyed it.

Caroline Green
27 Июля

Had a great time as a group of 6 with different levels of Escape Room experience. It was the first time that my 74 year old parents had tried an escape room and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Particularly good as a first experience because it is very do-able in the time allowed but includes a good range of puzzles. Also nice that the room changes relatively frequently so we could easily go back and do another one without running out of rooms.

All in all, would thoroughly recommend.

Karen Walton
21 Июля 2019

Birthday party for my 11 year old and friends. They had a brilliant time and made it out with time to spare.

Natalie Smith-daniel
20 Июля 2019

This is a brilliant experience! Everything is there right in front of you and it’s so easy to see once you’ve got it! Listening to everyone’s ideas and theory’s is also key!

Liz Scott
19 Июля 2019

We went in two groups for a work event.

The room was really fun, we all enjoyed it and would highly recommend.

Staff were lovely - thanks guys!

Ответ от Escape Rooms Cheltenham:
Thanks Liz glad you all enjoyed it hope to see you again!


The Conspiracy

70 Edinburgh Pl, GL51 7SE, Глостершир, Великобритания

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