2 Tickets 2 Ride

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2 Tickets 2 Ride - Is a 2 Player Escape Game for London. A mad man is threatening to sink London into the ground, unless two special people can solve the puzzles he has set them. As well as complying with his orders, you need to find out who this mad man and his gang are, and put a stop to their evil plan. You only have one hour. One hour to save London.

Race the clock in this action packed two player game set underneath London. As you try and solve the puzzles that have been left for you, you also need to try and stop London from being destroyed.

Fun and immersive as you wear wireless headphones to hear the sounds of London from below ground.

Will you be able to solve the puzzles this mad man has set for you? Will you be able to work together to stop a runaway train?

You'll need to rely on your puzzle solving skills, your communication and your dexterity as you work your way from station platform , to train and back to street level.

A two player game with twists and turns designed to be challenging and fun.

The game is at our Mile End Studio in London - E3.


Clue Adventures combines a team with many years experience in corporate events, television productions and live team-building games. We create memorable, fun games that are challenging and exciting. If you are looking for 'live games to escape' in London, then Clue Adventures has created some on the best.


Our games can be played in different modes, so if you are new to Escape Games we can give you a little help when you might need pointers or if you're an experienced player you can choose not to have any assistance unless you really need it.


Our team make sure that you get the most from your booking and are more than happy to help if you have any queries beforehand or at your game. Our hosts and games masters will ensure your visit is fun and fulfilling as well as challenging.


We pride ourselves in Escape Games that not only have a theme, but a story throughout. Our players become part of that story with clues and puzzles to solve as the story unfolds. Our games are always about more than just escaping.


Solve the puzzles and save London!

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David S.
19 Августа 2019

Definitely the best 2-player game we've played! This was a really well constructed game with lots of puzzles, many with a bit of a mathematical bent. It was a really good experience though with great room design and very immersive. The only (small) criticism is that the puzzles are quite linear and no red herrings, however there is a lot to get through so understand why this is the case if you want people to get out in the allotted time.

Stephanie R.
26 Октября 2018

Just escaped 2tickets2ride and saved London. Our first 2 player game! Good flow, challenging but not impossible puzzles and a good set! Would recommend!

23 Февраля 2018

This activity was both challenging and fun at the same time. Couldn't manage to complete it in the allotted time but really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Georgia H.
18 Февраля 2018

Will definitely be looking into doing some more of these. Was an entertaining experience. Both me and my boyfriend were engaged throughout and it was all well thought out and executed well. Immersive story, interesting puzzles and a great activity for the afternoon :D

Taylor W.
12 Февраля 2018

We had such a great time here. The puzzles were challenging and the rooms were very well designed. Loved this escape room.

Kriss F.
06 Февраля 2018

This is definitely the best escape room I've done, so cleverly done and the staff were great too

Bailey P.
05 Декабря 2017

Do you want something different to do? Pick one of your close friends or your loved one as a partner and pop along to 2 tickets 2 ride and see if you can escape the room within 60 minutes. I went there with my boyfriend. We escaped with under a minute to spare and every minute was filled with excitement and solving puzzles. Really well thought out and well themed room. well done!! Totally recommend it.

02 Декабря 2017

My fiance bought me the experience as a surprise for my birthday. I wasn't sure what to expect at all since I've never been into one before. And I just loved it. Couldn't make it out of the room but it was brilliant fun! It gets you thinking in a different way. Can't wait to try other rooms!! :D

Lora B.
30 Ноября 2017

Brilliant place. Not that easy, but the challenge and pressure of time makes it an excellent thing to do.

25 Ноября 2017

As my best friend was upset for some reason so I booked this one for us. It was her 1st time and for me it was 4th. Tho she denied to go but i took her anyways. We had a great time there. Felt really good to accomplish the mission. Even my friend enjoyed this game and agreed to try other rooms very soon. Oh and about the staff, they were so very helpful. Overall a great experience for both of us.

Alfy S.
21 Ноября 2017

Good amount of puzzles and tasks. One enjoyable escape room. We went along as part of get together. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Leah S.
19 Ноября 2017

Absolutely amazing. Just the right level of difficulty. Did this with one my friend and we both loved it. I would totally recommend.

Sophia W.
17 Ноября 2017

Outstanding one. Good storyline with good amount of tasks to do. But this game is just for two. So you gotta pick your partner very cleverly to complete the mission within the time range. And no matter if you can do it or not,you're gonna enjoy for sure. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking about trying it out.

Leonard P.
13 Ноября 2017

I had my wife with me. And we both found this particular one very challenging. This game has a lot of twists and puzzles in it. So strong team bonding is a must.


2 Tickets 2 Ride

Burdett Rd, London E3 4AA, UK
Тауэр-Хамлетс, Лондон, Greater London, Англия, Великобритания

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The 'Book of Secrets' and '2 Tickets 2 Ride' games are located at our London E3 Studio.


Nearest Tube - Mile End (8 Mins) - Central, Hammersmith & City and District Line Station

Buses Routes 277, D7

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Этот оператор не является официальным партнёром Nowescape и игра не доступна для бронирования. Чтобы забронировать игру, пройдите на сайт оператора или попробуйте найти другой квест поблизости.