White Walker

Тауэр-Хамлетс - 101 Commercial Rd, E1 1RD, Большой Лондон, Великобритания
60 мин
1 - 5 игроков
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London Escaped


The winter came, the wall fell and the army of the dead destroying everything in their path is already approaching the first kingdom of people. Mankind has nothing to do but to prepare for war – not for the throne, the crown, but for the life itself. Will our children see the sunrise after the long night or will the winter swallow you forever?

While armies of people gather all resources to stand against OTHERS, our commander prepared an elite unit of the bravest soldiers who are sent to the north, outside the wall, further the kingdom of wild people, to the heart of the kingdom of Others, to a place nobody knows for sure about, which many even do not believe in, to the throne room of the snow king.

The supreme oracle of people explained that the king of night can be killed neither by dragon steel nor by magic – it can be killed by nothing until his artifact exists, and it is kept in the throne room.

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06 Июня 2019

Best game they have on this location. Was very impressed by decorations and puzzles/

30 Марта 2019

Just done this game, done in under 20mins, came out and the host was nowhere to be seen, and the timer hasn’t stopped! Ruined the whole game! We were told it is a 45 min game, prob max 3 people as is very small, we had 5 lots of standing around! Theming and props were good though.

21 Марта 2019

Clearly disappointing. We solved 2 rooms within one hour as the level is super easy. Clearly quite expensive for the time spent. Some puzzles are nice but some just do not work properly. The staff was really nice tho.

Chris Peake
22 Февраля 2019

Cracking room. Was sceptical at first glance by the size of the room physically but it more than made up for this with the level and variety of puzzles required to save humankind from the White Walkers!


White Walker

101 Commercial Rd, E1 1RD, Большой Лондон, Великобритания

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