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Conspiracy in Soviet Tallinn – a city game 5.0 5.0 Use of technology 4.9 Immersion 4.9 Service 5.0 Fun for money (9)

2 - 5 90 min 18 + 15 +

Conspiracy in Soviet Tallinn is a city game based on mechanics of escape rooms – with one tiny change: it takes place outside!

You will become a special agent investigating a conspiracy in Tallinn during Soviet times. You will get the coordinates for meeting with our special messenger who will give the basic instructions, a map and a bag with the set of tools for solving the riddles around the old town.

The game is available in English only.

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RECENT REVIEWS OF ESCAPE ROOMS IN Conspiracy in Soviet Tallinn – a city game

Summary Rating 5.0
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 9 reviews

Jos van den Einde Rating
2018-07-23 07:03:54

We had so much fun solving all the puzzles. Meanwhile, visting some of the hidden beauties of Tallinn. Great experience.

Teresa Bönsch
Teresa Bönsch Rating
2018-07-02 21:38:56

Great idea, much fun, different view of the city!! I totally recommend it :)

Sofiya Rating
2018-06-21 13:08:56

Only pleasant memories! Really good mix of walking in the Old Town and getting into adventure. The game is really unpredictable, you will enjoy it as I did!

Nilza Rating
2018-06-19 17:07:58

I really enjoyed this game. It's a great way to see Tallinn while having fun playing. I got so caught up in the story cause it was so well planned. I enjoyed the riddles and thought the level of challenge was good. The service I got was very warm and friendly. I warmly recommend.

Ilva Rating
2018-06-19 14:40:12

Such a fun game with clever riddles, a great way to see around the Old Tallin! The service was perfect, we felt very welcome and looked after during the whole game. I would definitely recommend it!

Marek Sepp
Marek Sepp Rating
2018-06-19 13:10:40

our group enjoyed the game quite a lot, we played during the old town days promotion. even though we struggled a bit at some points, i think the game is well thought through, the riddles getting harder over time. especially enjoyed the role play part and the gadgets they are using. i would suggest one more station to make it longer!

Yuruki Rating
2018-06-19 13:01:46

This was great! We had so much fun!

Georgi Rating
2018-06-19 13:00:32

Good story plot and smart riddles. I enjoyed it a lot (especially the agent part) ! 10xThx!

Jana Rating
2018-06-19 12:53:01

Fantastic adventure and challenge! You rock, guys! Thank you!

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Summary Rating
Use of technology
Fun for money

Based on 9 reviews