Emotion Factory: Madhouse 4.0 (1)

Learn of the experiments in the madhouse!

2 - 6 60 min 12 + 10 + Difficulty: Difficulty

This is a theatrical action game with actors, where you are participating.

How did principle Raag do his experiments for his personal project in the madhouse's medical department number 9, from which no patient has yet to be returned from? This mystery can only be revealed if you experience this yourself.

Theatrical experience games are an entertainment which has gained huge amount of popularity around the world and comes from America.

What does Emotion Factory offer?

Today emotions are mostly offered through different technology, but our goal is to offer real emotions with real people. Players attend a theatrical game, where their boldness, fear tolerance and teamwork are put to the test. Actors will guide the way and take care of serving maximum thrill. Participants only task is to enjoy the ride.

n addition to excellent actors, you come accross 400m2 of gamespace and many exciting special effects which create an unique atmosphere. Emotion Factory is created by Estonias leading escaperooms provider Escape Room, whos motivated team is constantly evolving on developing new outcomes, to offer exclusive experiences in our plain days.

Who is Emotion Factory ment for?

We offer undelible memories to all: are you an old horrorfriend or an adrenaline junkie. Games are ment for upto 6-member groups. You can visit us with your friends, arrange stunning and memorable birthdays, supriseparties or corporate events. We are inviting you to take part of this new experience which changes your views of today’s tedious entertainment landscape.

Theatrical action games rules:

1. The total play time is 40-50 minutes, depending on the moving speed of the group.

2. It is forbidden to play when you are in a state of intoxication caused by the consumption of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances or other substances with similar effect.

3. It is forbidden to bring guns, knives and other self-defense devices to the playroom.

4. In the theatrical game, players are allowed to move only in the point direction of the arrows or light indication in the playing field and according to the staff instructions. Players are forbidden from being separated from each other.

5. It is forbidden to film, illuminate with personal equipment or to use cell phones in game. Video surveillance is in place!

6. It is recommended to play in everyday clothes. In the playroom, clothes may become dirty when you go against the walls. It is not advisable to play in suits, dresses, high heels. Emotion Factory does not take responsibility for dirty clothes.

7. It is forbidden to touch Emotion Factory actors.

8. Emotion Factory does not take responsibility for the health problems that occur in the playroom.

9. Children under the age of 10 may play only with the parent's permission.

10. There is no need to use physical force during the game.

11. Climbing up the furniture or moving heavy objects is forbidden during the game.

12. If the participant is unable to continue the game and wishes to cancel, then it must be announced to the actor during the game and you will be sent to the lounge.

13. By purchasing a thematic game of the Emotional Factory and entering the game, the players confirm that they have read and agreed to the rules of the game; they are not entitled to submit complaints against the organizers of the game or actors participating in the game and they are aware that the effects, activities, props, etc. used in the game are not directed personally to any player in the game.

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Merilin Toming Rating 4
2018-06-09 12:37:56

Superlahe koht! Esimesel kûlastusel jâin vãga rahule. Soovisime ka pruudiga tûdrukuteõhtut seal veeta, kuid pettumuseks meie plaan tühistati.

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