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Lost Gold Mine

Reveal the mystery and find the treasure!

2 - 6 60 min 12 + 10 + Difficulty: Difficulty

Come to see whether you and your friends can escape from the mine within 60 minutes before the mine collapses! The players entering the mine should be in a physical shape allowing climbing of ladders and not suffer from back or knee pain. The participants should also not have fear of closed spaces and should wear clothes that do not limit movement and do not mind a little bit of dust. The game is for max. 6 persons. Larger groups can play the game in several groups while the others chill in our lounge.

Legend says that under the mountain of Soss in the 1872-78 it was a place for mining gold. Soon after when the townfolks heard about it the mine suddenly just collapsed. From that day on, no one has found a way into the mines, where lies the mysterious secret behind the collapsing and supposedly a hidden treasure.

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