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Vice Versa - Room 1

2 - 8 60 min 18 + 10 +

An escape room with a competitive edge! Vicé Versa has two identical rooms, allowing you to battle against your own friends like never before. Gather your group, split into two sub-teams and book out both versions to experience THE ULTIMATE VERSUS SCENARIO! (Highly Recommended).

Alternatively, book out a single room and compete against a group unknown to you. (Please note that when selecting just one room, if the secondary slot is unsold your escape will be against the clock).

The world is a blank canvas to you, and your room appears completely empty. It's down to you and your team to solve interactive puzzles and unveil hidden compartments in order to restore colour to the your competitors do! After all no-one likes to be second best!

Escape Kent
Escape Kent
01227 507 450
01227 507 450

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