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Plan52 (Room 4)

Лондон, Великобританія
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Investigate the disappearance of your agents!
60 хв
3 - 6 гравців
Добре для:
Пара, Сім'я, Друзі
Смішні, Надзвичайні, Динамічний
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PLAN52 is one of our top secret locations and a fortress for highly classified archives and data. However, something terrible has happened: four of our agents who were stationed there have vanished without a trace. We now have proof that this was the work of Professor BlackSheep who had help from a clueQuest insider.

It is up to you and your team to investigate this risky matter and learn the identity of the double agent. But be careful, Mr Q has confirmed that the traitor has managed to reset the security device of the facility! From the moment you set foot inside PLAN52 you will have just 60 Minutes to learn who the double agent was and deactivate the device before the entire facility detonates.


* Mr Q is the mysterious leader of our undercover crime fighting secret agency. His goal is to save and protect mankind from menacing villains such as his arch nemesis, Professor BlackSheep.

* The Professor is a supervillain and evil mastermind with a passion for space engineering and romance novels. He believes that the end justifies the means.

* Behind every great man (mouse) is a great (woman) … mouse-lady? Mrs Q is Mr Q’s better half and companion in arms. She is also one of the agency's lead scientists and a blackbelt in multiple martial arts.

* Kevin was originally a human agent who was obsessed with power and stopped at nothing to gain it. Today, he's the Professor's right hand. And a snail.

* Initially created for combat and espionage, MM7 is a mouse robot and personal assistant for the Q's.

* A large army of sheep-bots programmed to follow the Professor's orders. They double up as personal body guards for BlackSheep and his side-kick, Kevin.


Suitable for wheelchair users, players with hearing loss and children age 9+

Recommended for

Escape room game rookies and veteran players alike.

Mission type

Hi-tech escape room with a mixed linear and non-linear set-up, perfect for keeping everyone on your team busy.


How long will the experience last?

Be prepared to spend between 80 to 90 minutes at our venue. This includes your briefing before the game, the actual gameplay (60 minutes) and an after-game team debrief with photos.

To make sure that you get the best experience, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking.

Are your games scary?

Not at all. We are a family-friendly venue and our escape rooms do not include any jumpscares, or otherwise frightening elements. Unless you are afraid of yellow mice or super-villain sheep.

What should we wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in. Fancy dress is also permitted providing it is not considered offensive to other customers or children.

Can kids play unaccompanied?

clueQuest is a fun escape game for all ages, although children under the age of 9 might find it challenging and confusing.

For teams of children under 16 we require the supervision of one adult per team (e.g. for three teams of children,three adults will be required to join them in the escape rooms). For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions.

Is there any space to leave our luggage/coats?

Yes. On arrival you can ask our game hosts to look after your belongings. If you have booked our meeting room as part of your day, then you can securely leave all your belongings in there for the whole duration of the game.

Can I purchase merchandise with my game?

Definitely. You can add merchandise to your cart when booking your escape rooms. Alternatively, you can also purchase merchandise and team memorabilia on site, after your game.

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Поширені запитання та відповіді

We've designed our games to cater for different team types (i.e. from 'rookie agents' to 'escape room veterans'), therefore we recommend reading the mission specs,which are usually found on the dedicated mission pages, before choosing the one with the right level of challenge for you and your team.

We have two missions, PLAN52 and Operation BlackSheep, recommended for escape room veterans and rookies alike, and for those who love a challenge, there's Revenge of the Sheep and cQ ORIGENES.

Please note, however, that different teams will have different experiences. Choosing a room perceived as less challenging does not necessary guarantee a successful escape - it's all up to how well you work together! :)

Our rooms were designed for teams of 3-6 players. For groups larger than 6 players, multiple rooms can be booked for the same time slot - for example, a group of 10 can split into two teams of 5 and book two identical units (rooms) of either PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep or Revenge of the sheep. This way everyone can enjoy the same mission and you can even race each other to make it more fun!

Місце знаходження

Plan52 (Room 4)

169 Caledonian Rd, Barnsbury Estate, London N1, UK
Ізлінгтон, Лондон, Greater London, Англія, Великобританія

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