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Welcome To The Jungle...

2 - 6 60 min 18 + 9 +
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Coming January 2019 Hearing the mysterious sound of drums, you and your friends decide to enter an abandoned attic to find out what it is? Without realizing it, you are dragged into the game.

You hear strange sounds from different directions and mysterious animals start to appear. Your survival and your future depends on your actions. With each roll of the dice and each step your game piece takes a new challenge awaits you!

To win the game, escape and return to the real world one of the game pieces must reach the end. Are you ready for the adventure? Can you survive and escape the game in 60 minutes or will you be trapped in the jungle for ever?

As the board reads: "Jumanji, a game for those looking to find a way to leave behind their world"

Escape 3600
Escape 3600

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