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Mystery Dinner

2 - 8 60 min 8 + 8 +

In 1988, chef Antero Kontiokorpi opened a small and idyllic restaurant in the center of Oulu. The food was mouth-watering, the wine flowed and the customers were enough. Very soon after opening, however, a black shadow descended upon Antero's dream as the restaurant's workers began to mysteriously disappear one by one. Antero parka was forced to close his dream restaurant, just a few months after opening. Now you and your friends have received a dinner invitation to this restaurant, closed almost 30 years ago. You're curious. Who sent the invitation? Why did workers disappear? When you enter the restaurant, you will hear how the door is locked behind you. Are you in trouble? You have 60 minutes to clear your way out and find a solution to the mystery.


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