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Mind games

Таллін, Естонія
Star 4.62 (46)
Solve a set of puzzles
60 хв
2 - 7 гравців
Добре для:
Друзі, День народження, Діти
Динамічний, Смішні, Містичні
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You find yourself in the dream. Maybe you're a sales manager, tired of working. Or a window cleaner who fell asleep right on the rope, just in front of the office where the sad manager sleeps. Or you came to a quest but fell asleep in the lounge room. The outcome is the same – you are asleep and this time you're not going to dream of your childhood or see your favourite nightmare. This time, you'll have to use your brain to wake up.

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30 April 2019

During my math exam I had used less logical thinking than in this game! We were so perplexed with tasks, but luckily we did it quite well. I really recommend this quest to people who are tired of typical locks and riddles, that game will give you more

Василий М.
30 April 2019

Played all rooms in Imaginaris, recommend to start with Shambala. This quest to think hard and play with your brains.

Tatjana V.
28 April 2019

Здорово провели время, есть над чем подумать.

15 April 2019

Классная комната!Сложная,много разных действий нужно сделать и много думать.

01 April 2019

Интересно, но очень сложно. Без подсказок бы не выбрались.

07 March 2019

Квест очень сложный. Нужно иметь большой опыт, чтобы его пройти.

Ville S.
04 March 2019

Nice riddles, logical and pretty challenging. Some of the remains of previous, but now disabled features were confusing. We got some extra time to get things through :D There would be nice to have a story, as there is none. Still really nice.

Teet B.
28 February 2019

Great experience! It was quite confusing at some points, but all you actually need is logic. You shouldn't get confused by weird pictures and symbols, but connect them somehow and solution will show up. Think simple!

Дмитрий Д.
12 November 2018

Квест интересный, но чересчур сложный. Последовательность заданий была неочевидной.

11 November 2018

Учавствовали в квесте в 7-ом, без подсказок бы не вышли:) на мой взгляд, немного замудрен, поочередность заданий была не совсем очевидна, но в целом нам было интересно!

11 November 2018

Quite challenging, but overall very cool.

Raul P.
26 October 2018

Üks parimaid teenusepakkujaid.

Aleksandr T.
07 October 2018

Очень понравилось. Сервис на высоте.

Никита П.
18 September 2018


Annemari S.
01 May 2018

This game was quite interesting and fun even though a lot of clues were rather confusing and we spent a lot of time on things that were solvable in the latter stage of the game.

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Mind games

Liivalaia 40, 10132 Tallinn, Эстония
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