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Reuterholm Library

2 - 8 60 min 8 + 8 +

Did you know that the first public library in Finland was established in Vaasa in 1794 by the gentlemen of the Supreme Court, who wanted to civilize the common people? This library holds the only surviving “poison cabinet” in Finland. The cabinet contains material classified as indecent. Its contents are historically valuable, and have been in the library’s collection for many decades. The notorious Ostrobothnia Chastity Association has been very active in the last few years and has threatened to destroy the contents of the poison cabinet. As you are sitting with your weekly reading group, you suddenly hear a loud noise and ruckus outside! The Chastity Association is fighting their way into the library, wanting to destroy the indecent books that corrupt peoples’ minds. You have no choice but to lock them out – and yourselves in at the same time. Within an hour these prudes will get through the door, so you really need to get out and get help. Can you find another way out before the Chastity Association crushes you and starts doing something really stupid?


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