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Operation Lone Eagle - Room Two

2 - 6 60 min 16 + 12 +

Each room is suitable for 2-6 people. For larger teams, simply click “Add Another” and choose the second Lone Eagle room that starts within 30 minutes (we'll start them in the middle for you: 10:30am + 11:00am = 10:45am).

An embarrassing incident earlier this year left world renowned scientist, Doctor Aquila Mind, red faced. Not taking the incident lightly, he has since been working on a machine that will erase the incident and all other memories from people’s minds. His Assistant has seen the light and wants to put a stop to the Doctor's evil plans. He can't do this alone and so is recruiting spies of the highest calibre to put a halt to things.

Do you have what it takes to stop him, navigate his room and retrieve the trigger before the clock hits zero?

Can you escape?
Can you escape?
0131 510 1158
0131 510 1158

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