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Escape room

Wizard's Castle

1 - 7 60 min 12 + 9 +

The white wizard named KsanTuZard has created a magic Orb that has plunged the world into darkness. Tonight is a full moon and the only time KsanTuZard leaves his Castle. He has just left and will be back in an hour. Now is your chance. You and your team must enter the castle and find the Orb. If you can escape from the Caste with the Orb before KsanTuZard’s return, the darkness will be lifted and the Separated lands will be United once again.

Grab your wands and enter the Wizard’s Castle. Will you be able to save the United Lands from darkness and escape with the magic Orb?

Important: This game is suitable for experienced escape room players. We recommend playing at least one of our other games before booking this one.

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5 Quests
5 Quests
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+353 1 2070485

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