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Anna Gardiner Rating 5
2018-07-18 23:11:59

Fabulous afternoon with Gabriel at Lady Chastity’s Reserve escape room! Managed to get our mitts on the Lady’s special reserve as our reward! Chin chin!! Really enjoyed the afternoon!

Sinead Jackson
Sinead Jackson Rating 4.25
2018-07-16 05:30:06

Great team event, task just the right level of challenge. Good storyline too

Sumita Rating 4.5
2018-07-14 21:25:55

I have been to quite a few escape rooms but this one was quite different. Our host was completely in character, humorous ,slightly creepy too and the banter was full of innuendo !The puzzles were quite challenging and the setup was great.Would recommend for a bit of grown up puzzle solving fun

Paul Boundy Rating 4.5
2018-07-10 14:27:01

Great escape the room. Brilliant game master, many clues to find. Very well thought out clues.

Rebekka Troller Rating 4.5
2018-07-08 16:03:37

Great experience! Nice story and Gabe was a lovely host

Widya Salim Rating 5
2018-07-07 20:54:42

Great character immersion from our host, Wynne! We had a lot of fun finding all the clues :)

Eli Davila Rating 4.75
2018-07-05 20:23:56

Great theme and really fun! Chris is very nice :)

Alex Porter
Alex Porter Rating 5
2018-07-05 19:06:58

Brilliant from start to finish! The character of Wynne was fantastic and it was the right side of creepy. I’m jealous of anyone who gets to do it for the first time.

Sarah Masterson Rating 5
2018-07-05 17:31:25

This was our first experience of an escape room and we couldn't rate it highly enough! Gabriel was brilliant, she did an amazing job and recognised how clueless we were throughout the game and gave us brilliant hints and advice. Even though we didn't make it anywhere near the end of the game we still had a brilliant time and the setting is amazing! One small critique would be the clearness of the voice during the game, we struggled to understand some of the dialogue which made it difficult but other than that flawless!

Frank Rating 4.75
2018-07-04 20:56:25

Fantastic time with my team. Gabriel was a great host and very engaging!! Great value for the money. Definitely recommend this activity.

Thinking Bob Rating 4.5
2018-07-02 09:44:27

We've been to a lot of escape rooms. We had a really fun night. Would recommend.

Adam Tyrrell
Adam Tyrrell Rating 5
2018-06-29 11:02:14

Never done a freaky AF room escape before but I am glad that this was my first one! Absolutely fantastic, Wynne was an amazing , demented host who made the experience thoroughly pant staining! Would highly recommend this room! Thanks a lot!

Steve Murtough Rating 5
2018-06-28 21:25:26

Brilliantly naughty and fantastic - a must do!

Glyn Davies
Glyn Davies Rating 4.75
2018-06-27 08:13:58

Really great, very immersive and fun!

Joe Justice Rating 5
2018-06-25 23:13:57

Fantastic escape room very well prepped well thought out we thoroughly enjoyed our time

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